Low Sloping Metal Roofing

Using 180 Degree Mechanically Seamed Panels.

Our mechanically seamed metal roofing can be installed on roofs with slopes as little as ½ inch per foot!

Homeowners with low sloping roofs are aware of the looming threat of leaks during a heavy rain storm and days afterward.


There are few materials that can be applied to low sloping roofs that will last a lifetime and prevent leaks. If you have experienced leaks due to a problematic low sloping roof, your long term solution is here!!!!

Standing Seam Metal Roofing can be Installed Virtually Flat

  • Can be installed on low or flat roofs with a slope as low as ¼ inch per foot
  • Stops leaks on your house, porch, or sunroom by using mechanically seamed metal panels, finished with a leak proof 180 degree double seam
  • Will last 5x longer than rubber roofing membranes – and require no maintenance
  • 35 Energy Star Rated Colors – will lower your cooling costs by 30%
  • Eligible for $1500 in Tax Credits

Standing seam metal roofing gives homeowners the assurance of a leak free flat roof. Our installation crews custom fabricate all panels on site, guaranteeing a perfect fit with zero. We also provide custom metal flashing for troublesome areas, such as chimneys and plumbing vents.

With standing seam metal on your low sloping roof you can put the buckets away, and have peace of mind during the next rainstorm.

Click here to learn how Global Home Improvement helped this homeowner with his leaking low sloping roof.

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