Marvin Wood Windows

Marvin Wood Windows

Windows play an important role in the comfort and beauty of the home. Having the right windows installed in your home not only adds style to your interior design, but also improves your home environment with natural lighting, excellent ventilation, and great insulation. This is why many customers are finding solutions in Marvin wood windows.

Why Choose Marvin Wood Windows

Founded in 1912 and currently owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of the Marvin family, Marvin Windows and Doors offers a heritage of excellence built upon the core values of quality and commitment. When it comes to windows, the team at Marvin understands the importance of windows and the value behind the expression that “a window is the eye of the house.” As a result, Marvin Windows and Doors has made beauty, functionality, durability, and energy-efficiency their guiding principles for all their windows and doors. Not only are all Marvin Wood Windows customized and engineered by qualified professionals in the industry, but virtually all Marvin products have either met or exceeded the federal ENERGY STAR guideline.

  • ENDLESS CUSTOMIZATION: Choose from seven interior wood species options. Nineteen clad colors. Multiple glass and hardware options.
  • ENGINEERED PERFORMANCE: Built to resist the most extreme elements.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Virtually all Marvin products already meet or exceed federal ENERGY STAR® guidelines.
  • EXPERT INSTALLATION FROM GLOBAL: Global Home Improvement is there throughout the process from expert advice to which window configuration to choose.

When customers choose Marvin wood windows, they are immediately offered thousands of standard sizes, seven interior wood species options, and nineteen clad colors. The customization for Marvin wood windows is endless because Marvin Windows and Doors is committed to helping their customers to create the windows they have always dreamed for.

Marvin Wood Windows Interior

Aluminum Cladding

Known for its legendary durability and its additional 0.2 millimeter thickness, Marvin’s high quality extruded aluminum cladding is designed to protect your stunning Marvin wood windows from unfriendly water infiltration. With a generous collection of nineteen standard colors and nine distinctive clad casing for you to choose from, Marvin’s aluminum cladding service is ready to protect and preserve your Marvin wood windows. Once the job is done, you will find that your aluminum clad windows not only add a new touch to your window design, but also help highlight the architectural charisma of your home.

Grille Patterns

Marvin grille inserts serve the multiple functions of meeting your technical and aesthetic preference for window design. Marvin offers six divided light options and twenty grille patterns to bring the best out of your windows. Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs) also comes with color options that allow for two tone GBGs. Customers are given complete control to choose from thirteen exterior colors or four interior colors.

Interior Wood Options

A beautiful design is of no value if it was made from poor materials. And Marvin Windows and Doors is not willing to risk their commitment for quality windows with cheap wood materials. Instead, Marvin’s eight natural wood choices of Pine, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Primed Wood, Cherry, White Oak, Douglas Fir, and Cedro Macho are of the highest quality; they are also made available with a chain of custody certification for either SFI® or FSC® certified wood for sustainability. Besides going a second mile to offer unique species such as Maple, Black Walnut, and Western Red Cedar to customers, Marvin has begun offering a White Painted Interior Finish option on the interior of all Marvin pine windows and doors. Additionally, customers can also choose from nine factory-applied interior finishes to bring out the rich texture of their Marvin wood windows.

Round Top Windows

Sometimes a rectangular, sharp-edged window design does not complement your unique home style. Thanks to round top windows, homeowners now have the opportunity to reduce the sharpness of their home by integrating some elliptical and circular touches to their windows. Beautiful as a single window or multi-window assemblies. Marvin Round Top windows are a coveted commodity for customers. With over 1,000 standard top sizes, 60 ultimate top shapes, and unlimited made-to-order options, customers are finding creative means to increase their home values, while adding an elegant and distinctive complexion to their homes.


Window Hardware

Installing Marvin’s window hardware for your Marvin wood windows is a strong way to finish your window improvement project. As always, the eight types of hardware finishes offered by Marvin Windows and Doors—satin taupe, white, bronze, satin nickel, satin chrome, brass, antique, brass, and oil rubbed bronze—have all been carefully manufactured and customized to fit your specific needs. If you happen to like double hung windows, keep in mind that Marvin Double Hung Windows “also come standard with a one hand opening mechanism that lets you tilt the window in for cleaning with only one hand.” This great feature combined with the variety of hardware designs create a unique, personal, and classic style that completely outperforms any competitors in the window-making industry.

Choose Marvin Wood Windows today!

Windows are an integral component of the architectural style of your home. It is the eye of your home, the passageway that connects your interior environment to the exterior world. As a result, it is extremely important for you to purchase high-quality and energy-efficiency windows for your home. With endless customization, superior design, competitive customer service, and other revolutionary window features, Marvin Windows and Doors not only provides you the quality you have always desired but also aids your effort for sustainable living.

So, whether you are looking for a durable wood window or other elegant accessories to complement your existing windows, hiring Marvin Windows and Doors to design the dream windows you have always envisioned is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

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