Metal Roof Snow Guards & Snow Rails

Install a contemporary snow rail or classic snow guards for the best in metal roof snow retention!

Snow guards and snow rails protect your gutters and landscaping from falling sheets of snow.

Metal Roof Snow Guards

Roofs are often the neglected structural component of a home. The only time homeowners pay attention to their roofs is when the neglected roof begins to show signs of leakage and severe degradation. Because most homeowners think very little about their roof, they are often shocked when their roof has accumulated enough snow and ice to set off a minor avalanche right on their doorsteps, which can obviously bring severe damage to your property. Depending on how much snow is sitting atop your roof, unprotected, serious injuries can also occur. Therefore, installing snow guards or snow rails is a must for every homeowner living in areas with snowy winters.

Snow Guards and Snow Rails

Both snow guards and snow rails are obstacles that are designed to prevent the roof-load of snow from dumping or avalanching all at once. When installed on the roof, snow rails looks like cluttered lines with spaced out posts to keep massive collection of snow and ice from sliding off the roof simultaneously. Snow guards, on the other hand, come in different patterns and quantities depending on the shape, size, and pitch of the roof. Some snow guards take on a sharp triangular shape that make them look like shields on the roof, while others assume tent-like forms. Apparently, snow guards can be transformed into a mini-art project for any homeowner who wants these accessories to become a decorative element on the roof.

Benefits Of Installing Snow Guards Or Rails With Your Metal Roof

Help avoid costly insurance claims due to avalanching snow and ice
Help prevent ice damming at roof’s edge
Help prevent damage or destruction of gutters

Many styles to suit residential and commercial roofs as well as Historical and Contemporary Metal Roofs

Why Install Snow Guards for Metal Roofs?While having a durable metal roof professionally installed is in itself a cost-saving and energy efficient decision, adding snow guards to your metal roof is a further step to protect mass quantities of snow from causing harm to your home. In explaining why homeowners should purchase snow guards for metal roofs, Robert M. Haddock, Director of Metal Roof Advisory Group writes, “When snow blankets a roof, an adhesive bond occurs between the snow bank and the metal panels. The vertical load of snow is translated to a vector load parallel to the panels’ surface. When the temperature-sensitive bond between the roof surface and snow bank is broken, this force propels a blanket of snow from the roof in avalanche fashion.”

In other words, while metal roofs do not suffer damage or dent from heavy snow as is the case with asphalt shingles, their interaction with accumulated snow and ice makes them a great candidate for avalanches. Using snow guards to frustrate loads of snow from sliding swiftly across your metal roof will greatly mitigate the problem and make your home a safer place.

Snow Guards and Snow Rails for Your Metal Roof

At Global Home Improvement, we offer high quality snow guards and rails that will effectively keep avalanches from happening right in your yard. Our snow guards, which come in a wide variety of styles and colors, are the perfect match for historic metal roofs. Not only are they great at preventing large sheets of snow and ice from sliding off of your roof, their versatile customization options also gives your metal roof a new touch of fashion and style. Whether you have a standing seam metal roof or a metal roof with a steep slope, our snow guards can add to your home’s curb appeal by being a great accent to your roof design and architecture.

For homes with a more contemporary metal roofing style, we recommend using our snow rails to prevent snow and ice from sliding off your roof in mass quantities. The snow rail systems at Global Home Improvement are made of non-penetrating cast aluminum castings that can be efficiently attached to your metal roof.

Let It Snow!

Installing snow guards for a metal roof is a preventive measure that will protect your loved ones and your home from any unnecessary additional damage.. As always, Global Home Improvement’s professional team will work closely with you to ensure that your high-quality snow guards are professionally installed on your metal roof. Talk to us today by calling 877-711-9850.


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