Standing Seam Metal Roofing

We custom fabricate all of our standing seam metal roofs
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Standing Seam Metal Roofs are ideal for additions, porches, bay windows, as well as whole house installation.

Standing Seam Metal Roof: The Perfect Style
for You.

If you are looking for a standing seam metal roof for your home or business, roofing contractors in Pennsylvania have the perfect style for you. Whether you are interested in architectural or structural metal roofing, we can provide you with the information to make an informed and beautifully long-lasting choice to top your building.

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To make an informed choice, you need to understand the specifications and differences for architectural commercial, architectural residential, structural commercial and structural residential. With educated details, you will know how to communicate your needs to roofing contractors in Pennsylvania.

Architectural Commercial.

Architectural metal roofing is generally for looks and water shedding, and is not meant to carry heavy weight. In fact, the roofing needs a deck below for support. Otherwise, this type of roof will not be able to withstand the wind. Roofing contractors in Pennsylvania will tell you the roofing is not necessarily water tight, but the panels are designed to shed water. In order to do so, the roof has to have a certain pitch. Architectural commercial metal roofing is not suitable for flat roofs or certain climates. When choosing your roof, you must consider the proximity to the ocean, the geographic location, and the building itself. However, when it is the right roof, for the right building, you will also have a variety of colors to select from, for the perfect look.

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50 Year Lifetime Warranty
Over 35 Energy Star Rated Colors
Highest Wind Rating of ANY Roof
Increased Home Value and Curb Appeal
Can Even Be Installed on Low Slope Roofs!

Architectural Residential

The term architectural refers to a water shedder. The roofing is not meant to keep out the water, but to provide a runoff. A water-tight deck needs to be beneath, with a way for excess moisture between the two layers to escape. As with commercial buildings, roofing contractors in Pennsylvania will discuss the importance of roof slope. Architectural metal roofing is not for flat roofs, nor will it bear heavy weight.

Whether the roofing system will work for a particular project depends a lot on the visibility, slope, location to seawater, and height.

Structural Commercial

Basically, structural commercial roofing is made for the buildings that architectural roofing is not. The materials are built to withstand high winds and be useful in open framing situations. The roofing is not simply for runoff. The system is to help make your structure water-tight. The accessories used to install the roof should be chosen with great care. Roofing contractors in Pennsylvania want to make sure the roof floats freely and has the ability to expand and contract with the environmental conditions. Commercially, the structural design is great for low sloping large roofs, like a sports arena. The material is built to span an open structural design.

Structural Residential

Structural residential roofing works great in areas accustomed to high winds with open framing constructions. The roofing contractors in Pennsylvania can order log seams to span greater distances. Although the roof slope does not have to be as steep as the architectural design, your home still needs a little slope, to make sure the elements do not batter the home, but run off. However, the slope can be as little as 1/2 inch. As with all our roofing materials, standing seam metal roofs come in many colors.

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