Identifying the Weaknesses of Your Home and How to Improve Them

No matter how old or new your home may be, there's always room for improvement. A slight adjust to a bedroom here, new wallpaper in your bathroom there, and on and on it goes. While you can do some research on the internet and identify the weaknesses of your home without any third-party assistance, hiring an energy auditor is usually a great way to secure a holistic understanding of your home’s true condition. Get Your Energy Audit Report Also known as the home energy assessment, getting a home energy audit involves hiring a professional to inspect and identify potential vulnerabilities around the house. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of an energy audit can range from $300 … [Read more...]

4 Easy DIY Home Projects for the Spring

Spring marks the new chapter of a fresh year. As green leaves begin to peek out of the branches and flowers awake from their long hibernation, keeping your home in that wintery look just doesn’t seem so fun anymore. Inasmuch as you love the sparkling decorations mixed in green and red, it’s time for a new design. Down with the heavy drapes, and up with the light, translucent curtains. Let’s freshen up your living space with not just a few pretty floral pillows, but some amazing DIY home decors! Make Baby Food Jar Vases Flowers are beautiful decors around the house. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to arrange flowers or the budget to order charming bouquets from a florist each … [Read more...]

5 Absolutely Essential Things To Know When Choosing Gutters

Most homeowners tend to focus on interior, remodeling our kitchen, honing our garden but what about gutter systems? Your home's gutters are often overlooked. Gutters are tasked with a heavy responsibility: drainage and irrigation. Ultimately, by adding the best possible gutter system to your home you'll be able to protect your home and save you money in the long run. Not all gutter systems are the same. Here are five things you need to know to choose the best gutter system available: 1) Choose The Right Size Gutter Typical rain gutter systems have widths of 4, 5 or 6 inches. Homeowners must also consider the area of the roof. For instance, if the roof is large then a wider gutter … [Read more...]

5 Practical Tips for Replacing a Roof for Your Contemporary Home

Replacing a roof can appear to be an overwhelming, tedious and arduous undertaking. It's the biggest and most important aspect of your home, after all. However, the project can go according to plan and be an instant success if executed properly. Yet how should you go about replacing your roof? Start with following these five tips on how to do just that and you'll be off to a great start!  1) Do Your Research The most important component of any roof replacement is the contractor you hire to do the job. Using mobile sites and directories to find the ideal roofing contractor is essential. In general, target a contractor that can provide services within your budget and has a charted record … [Read more...]

What is Solar Thin Film Metal and What are Its Benefits?

Energy efficiency is important. We know that, and it’s something people like to talk about all the time. For homeowners, conversations about energy efficiency probably revolve around cutting back on cooling and heating costs, insulating our homes, and getting better roofing and window materials. While all these are great steps toward a responsible and sustainable lifestyle, what homeowners need to consider is solar thin film metal. Don’t Just Go Solar, Try Solar Thin Film Metal You’ve probably heard of solar panels and all their amazing benefits. As one of the forefront solutions for renewable energy, solar panels take one of the most abundant natural resources — sun rays — and convert … [Read more...]

5 Most Common Misconceptions about Metal Roofs

Misconceptions are abound, especially when it comes to anything remotely having to do with eco-friendliness. Misconceptions can potentially tarnish the reputation of a product, service, and company, which is the case for metal roofs. Many have--wrongly--considered metal roofs to be ugly, unreliable, and noisy. Metal roofs are, in fact, just the opposite. To give metal roof a fighting chance, here are 5 common metal roof misconceptions you need to dismiss from your mind immediately: Lack of Metal Roof Aesthetic Although the thought of having a piece of metal attached to your roof is rather frightening, homeowners need to realize that metal roofs have progressed beyond their rudimentary … [Read more...]

Out with the Old & In with the New: Asphalt Roof vs Metal Roof

Out with the old, and in with the new! Whenever we see something better — whether it is a newly released item from Apple or Microsoft or a new meal at our favorite restaurant — we are usually ready to take the dive. The same applies to our home. What’s Up with Your Roof? As homeowners, we are generally pretty good at keeping up with the latest trends. From the design choices of our rooms, windows, and other structures to the appliances we use in our kitchens and laundry rooms, it is obvious that we are constantly raising the standards of our lives. Yet, when it comes to our roof, many of us seem to be “stuck” with the traditional asphalt shingle, while secretly wishing that there’s … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Adorn the Interior of Your Windows

As your source for natural light and ventilation, the windows of your home can also sprinkle dashes of beauty to both your exterior and interior design. Wood windows, for example, are classy, traditional, and sophisticated, while fiberglass windows reflect advanced engineering and a streamlined charisma in their overall appeal. No matter what kind of window style or material you choose, it’s always fun to adorn the interior of your windows with personality: Tuscan Style Curtains Tuscan style curtains are named after the Tuscany region in Central Italy — an area that is famous for its gorgeous landmarks, culinary variety, and authentic personality. More commonly known as drapes in the … [Read more...]