How Exactly Do Metal Roofs Work?


Metal roofs are a favorite of many “green” enthusiasts. Recognized for their flexible customization, superior durability, and unmatched longevity, metal roofs are a cost-effective investment that saves homeowners a great deal of money in their maintenance upkeep, insurance plans, and much more. In addition to having the potential to decrease your homeowner’s insurance by as much as 35%, homeowners who choose metal roofs can also enjoy a 1 to 6 percent increase in the resale value of their homes. Despite these benefits, it is important to remember that metal roofs are cost-effective because they are green. Homeowners love metal roofs for outperforming asphalt shingles in energy efficiency and … [Read more...]

4 Simple Home Remodeling Projects to Take on This Fall

green window

Homeowners looking to raise the value of their property, or simply to give the house a facelift, will be glad to know they don’t have to look far in order to find ways to add a modern touch to their living space. No matter what the current trends may be, there are always classic remodeling projects which will give a fresh, new feeling to a home while boosting the its value at same time. By diving into some timeless remodeling projects while taking advantage of current trends in style, this fall can be a great time to give an older house more than just a fresh coat of paint.Kitchen Cabinets and DrawersKitchen remodeling projects offer a versatile selection of renovation options; sometimes, a … [Read more...]

Global Home Improvement’s Free Seamless Gutter Giveaway Facebook Contest


Are your gutters beyond repair? Are your gutters rotting? If so, it may be time (or past time) to replace them. If your home is in desperate need of a Gutter Replacement, then you are in luck because Global Home Improvement is giving away FREE Seamless Gutters. It's easy and simple to enter. Here's how:'Like' the Global Home Improvement Facebook Page (if you're not a fan already)Click on the Gutter Giveaway tabEnter your information (name, email address, etc)Share Your Entry with Friends to Increase Your Chances of WinningIf you win, you'll be notified via Facebook or email after the contest ends on September 15th, 2014.  Check out the official rules for our gutter giveaway!Causes of Gutter D … [Read more...]

Quick Tips for Selecting A Metal Roof

Make your metal roofing stand out with the right color

Metal roofs have often been overlooked as roofing options in the United States. Lately, though, many American property owners are beginning to understand why their counterparts in other countries prize metal roofs: Not only are metal roofs notably strong and durable; they are extremely visually appealing and last longer than traditional roofs. In fact, under the right conditions and with proper maintenance, metal roofs can last almost forever; whereas you typically have to replace shingles at least every 40 years, you can install a metal roof once and probably never have to replace it in your lifetime, saving you both time and money. Of course, the key to this is selecting the right metal … [Read more...]

Asphalt vs Metal Roofing: Comparing Longevity and Energy Costs

Asphalt vs Metal Roofing: Comparing Longevity and Energy Costs

As homeowners across the country become more environmentally and economically conscious, preference for metal roofing over asphalt roofing is on the rise. Tired of the short-lived asphalt shingles, consumers are finding smart roofing alternatives in metal roofing and enjoying the many benefits it offers. However, when it comes to why homeowners are falling in love with metal roofs from left to right, longevity and energy efficiency are the two major attractions.Asphalt Roofs are VulnerableHarsh and radical weather causes asphalt shingles to expand and contract, especially in regions with warm summers or heavy rain falls. As Daily Commercial reports, heat-related contraction compromises the … [Read more...]

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Even if there’s no immediate interest in selling, putting in the effort to raise a home’s value is often a rewarding experience as it usually means a more fresh, updated look around the house. It’s also a great reason to invest in different renovations and repairs.Homeowners often wonder which areas of the home are the best to address during a renovation. Perhaps the most straightforward area to consider when boosting the value of a home is the kitchen. While it may seem like the options are endless here, with some very standard remodeling approaches, the value of a home can escalate substantially.Installing New Cabinets and DrawersChoosing to go with a new, uniform look for cabinets and draw … [Read more...]

Tips for Restoring a Historical Home with a Metal Roof

Historic Roofing with a Metal Roof

Antique homes are beautiful and elegant in ways that modern styles just can’t match. They’re also popular areas of interest for remodeling and restoration projects. There’s often the misconception, however, that newer materials and construction techniques have no place in remodeling a historical home. While it’s true that some construction approaches might harm the overall value of an older home, it’s wise not to rule out modern home-design ideas.Many owners of historical homes want to preserve the original charm by hiring contractors who specialize in construction methods from generations past. Typically, this is more expensive, and the longevity and durability of the renovations may not be … [Read more...]

Fiber Cement Siding: The Eco-Friendly Choice for Homeowners Going Green

Fiber Cement Siding: The Eco-Friendly Choice for Homeowners Going Green

Your home's siding is your first line of defense against weathers, pests, and other damaging elements that stand ready to compromise the beauty and comfort of your home. Installing the right siding will not only slash back your energy bills by thousands of dollars, but also improve the value and physical appeal of your home. Among the choices of vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and aluminum siding, fiber cement siding is definitely the recommended choice for homeowners going green.Fiber Cement Siding vs. Vinyl SidingMade from a combination of cement, cellulose (wood), sand, and water, fiber cement siding is the popular siding choice for its aesthetic, durable, and fire resistant nature. Fiber … [Read more...]