Metal Roofing Porticos

Custom-built Porticos can transform your home’s front entrance.

Renovating your porch to create a lasting charm is definitely a worthwhile investment for every homeowner. Whether you are tired of your bland front porch or want to integrate additional charm to your back porch, transforming a plain looking porch into a magnificent portico will not only endow your home with vigor and elegance, but also impart an air of formality and royalty to your entryway. While it is easy to confuse a portico with a porch, the two are very different in functions and purposes. Distinguishing the difference and recognizing the intrinsic value of a portico will enable you to make an informed porch remodeling decision.

It’s a Portico, Not a Porch

Portico is actually the Italian word for porch. Oftentimes confused with a porch, the structure of a portico has a unique classic air unfounded in the plain porches of most modern homes. Whereas a porch is basically an extension of the floor with optional railings, a portico is an ornate covered walkway with beautiful columns. Inspired by the lavish ancient Greek temples, porticos add formality and historic dashes to your home by emulating admirable architectural designs of the past.

However, choosing the right roof for your portico is as important as differentiating between a portico and a porch. The roof of a portico can be expensive to repair and maintain. Because a portico roof is an additional layer of protection to the front of your home (you can have porticos in the back too), it can interfere with how your home responses to incoming solar radiation and heat, which makes temperature management a challenge especially on a very warm summer day. Once again, Global Home Improvement has the perfect solution for you.

Meet Global Home Improvement’s Metal Roof Portico!

Global Home Improvement takes your home to the next level with our beautiful, innovative front and/or back porch porticos that will absolutely blow you away. When you choose metal roofing for your portico project, you will be pleased to find that our metal roofs are made to last for life. Made of quality and durable metal materials, our metal roofs do not suffer from heat-related contraction that are commonly known to compromise and damage the appeals of asphalt shingles and other roofing materials.

Recognized as a cool roof for its superior energy efficiency, metal roofs can keep your energy expenditure in check by effectively reflecting incoming solar radiation and heat during the dog days of summer. Additionally, the metal roofs found at Global Home Improvement also come with a 35-year appearance warranty, while requiring virtually no maintenance on your part. This means that when you choose to build a metal roof portico, you automatically signed yourself up for a generous saving in utility bills and portico repair. Because metal roofs are malleable and do not get bent easily, they are impervious to heavy rain, snow, and hail. You don’t ever need to worry about pests and windblown materials damaging your portico metal roof. Just sit back and relax.

Build Your Own Metal Roof Portico

At Global Home Improvement, we offer endless customization options to help you build the perfect metal roof portico of your dreams. Our custom-built porticos include concrete and masonry options, roof pitch design, metal roof colors, and zero maintenance interior finishes like AZEK soffit and fascia. To ensure you get the best service possible, Global Home Improvement offers a comprehensive start-to-finish process that promises to make designing and building a portico for your home absolutely blissful. Our custom-built metal roof portico process includes:

  • Initial Consultation – our team of home improvement professionals will work alongside with you to help you choose the perfect metal roofing option, wood framing, stone selection, and fiber cement or AZEK finishes for your portico project.

  • Professional Design – receive the perfect portico schematic from one of our qualified in-house architects who are committed to creating a unique and beautiful portico that will transform any home into a magnificent masterpiece.

  • Construction – gain peace of mind knowing that we have a project manager that oversees everything from framing, to roofing, concrete, and masonry. You will get your money’s worth, we promise!

No matter what portico style or color you want, Global Home Improvement promises to create a unique, breathtaking entry fit for a king and queen. We offer affordable and competitive prices. Call 877-711-9850 today to learn more about Global Home Improvement’s Metal Roof Porticos.


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