Solar Roofing

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Solar Roofing

Choose from Crystalline and Thin-Film Panels.

For your Solar Green Energy needs, Global Home Improvement is a company that you can trust.

The roof, much like the walls around your house, is your first line of defense against any external hazards and debris. Homeowners recognize the importance of roofs and regularly maintain them to avoid costly leaks. However, while strong roofs effectively protect you and your loved ones from unfriendly intrusions, homeowners like you also need eco-friendly roofs to give your energy expenditure a generous reduction. With heating and cooling accounting for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, more and more homeowners are turning to energy-efficient roofs, such as solar roofing, to meet their demand for a more economic and sustainable lifestyle.

What is Solar Roofing?

Plainly speaking, solar roofing is the act of covering your roof with installed solar cells. These solar cells or photovoltaic panels are designed to reduce your energy cost by converting incoming solar radiation into direct current electricity. Using the sun as the main energy source, photovoltaic panels is a recognized green technology that not only reduces unnecessary environmental emission but also keeps your home comfortable.

Why Choose Global Home Improvement’s Solar Roofing?

As always, Global Home Improvement stands ready to meet your Solar Green Energy needs. Firmly established in our mission to provide high quality products and professional installation for all our customers, Global Home Improvement’s solar roofing service has successfully provided clean, renewable energy to schools, hospitals and residential homes. As a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and a GAF Master Elite Roofer (only 3% of all roofers earn this designation), our solar power installations have already saved clients an absorbent amount of money on fossil fuels every year. Solar roofing is energy efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Once we introduce our products and explain the benefits of solar roofing, you will understand why solar roofing is an investment you can trust.


Solar Roofing is Energy Efficient

Solar roofing is a clean and sustainable solution to your ongoing energy demand. According to the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, installing insulated roofing systems alone could potentially save 700 trillion Btu each year. Meanwhile, “The solar energy potential of our nation’s roof surfaces could exceed the power of over one dozen Grand Coulee dams.” By producing renewable energy from the sun, homeowners who choose solar roofing are gaining better energy efficiency without compromising their cooling and heating needs.

Solar Roofing is Cost-Effective

Having an energy efficient roofing system can also slash back your utility bills and help you to live more economically. As Dow’s Powerhouse line reports, a typical residential cluster of 350 solar panels on the roof could reduce the household’s electric bill by 40% to 60%. Besides the potential of receiving government subsidy or rebates as the result of installing solar panels on your roof, homeowners could potentially save anywhere from 40% to 70% in electric bills.

Solar Roofing is Eco-Friendly

With electric power plants contributing to around 32% of all carbon dioxide emission, your decision to seek alternative renewable energy from the sun is a praiseworthy effort to move the nation one more step away from relying on utility giants and nonrenewable fossil fuels. United States Environmental Protection Agency also confirms that choosing to have your utility needs met by the sun (and other renewable energy sources) will not only lower your energy cost over time, but also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are damaging to both you and the environment.

Solar Roofing Barns

Old barns with a large worn-out roof can take a costly toll against your budget. At Global Home Improvement, we are proud to offer solar thin film panels integrated with Structural Standing Seam Panels as the solution to your roof replacement. Let our professional team replace your aged roofing products with our quality solar products at a generous reduction so that your ability to live an energy-saving and efficient life will not be hindered by dollar amounts.

Solar Thin Film Metal Roof

As a leader in standing seam metal roofing, Global Home Improvement provides solar thin film metal roof that comes with a 20-year warranty. Made of flexible materials that are weather resistant, you will be able to further offset your energy costs through the solar renewable energy credits (SREC).  Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for various state grants and loans.  Additionally, your solar metal roof may also qualify for federal tax credit, which can be applied over multiple years. With so many benefits that arise from solar roofing, we are not hesitant to call solar roofing an energy and cost-saving roofing solution for you and your family.

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Expert Tip: Solar panels must be installed on a roof facing east, south or west.