Solar Roofing

At Global we offer zero money down Solar Leasing as well as Thin Film that integrates with Metal Roofing!

Solar Roofing

Choose from Crystalline and Thin-Film Panels.

For your Solar Green Energy needs, Global Home Improvement is a company that you can trust.

Our goal is to assist our clients in lowering monthly utility bills through an environmentally friendly energy efficient solution. The panels that we install will use the energy of the sun to power your home. Photovoltaic panels work to convert sunlight into energy and save you money throughout the entire year on your electric bill!

Some people say the answer to our energy future lies in the past and in tradition. Unfortunately, that is not a sustainable solution to resource depletion or the pollution created in the process that continues to damage earths fragil eco-systems.

Global Home Improvement knows there is a better way.  Our solar power installations save clients an absorbadant amount of saving on fossil fuels every year.  We provide clean, renewable energy to schools, hospitals and residential homes while maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

Let us show you how to maximize government incentives and other rebates to get your solar power system installed right away.

To have a Global Home Improvement solar expert contact you within two to three business days, please complete our contact form and use “Solar Roofing” in the comments area.

If you need a quicker response please call us at 1-888-393-0295.

Quick Tip: Solar panels must be installed on a roof facing east, south or west.

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