Solar Roofing Barns

Metal Solar Roofing, Perfect For Barns In New Jersey And Pennsylvania.

Solar thin film metal roofing is perfect for barns because of the low profile design and available tax credits.

Many old barn structures have a similar dilemma: large roof areas with aged roofing products such as cedar or tin that can be very costly to replace. The solution: Solar thin film panels integrated with Structural (no plywood needed) Standing Seam Panels.

See the cost comparisons below to discover how affordable Solar can be! 1

Example: Barn Structure in NJ with No Plywood – 20W x 60L (2 sides)

  • Cost of Replacing with Cedar Planks – $24,000
  • Cost of Replacing with Shingle and New Plywood – $17,000

Value of Traditional Roofing After 25 Years – $0

  • Cost of Replacing with Metal Solar Roof (Before Tax Credit) – $70,000
  • Cost of Replacing with Metal Solar Roof (After Tax Credit) – $50,000
  • Revenue Generated Per Year (Electricity and SREC Credits) – $6,000
  • Break-Even Point of Metal Solar Barn Roof – 8.5 years for Entire Structure

Value of Thin Film Roofing After 25 Years – + $100,000 in Profit and 25 Years Left of Beautiful Metal Roofing! 1


1 This is a hypothetical example using approximate costs and market values of electricity and SREC credits for the State of New Jersey Only! Pricing and values are subject to change and fluctuation. For an exact proposal please contact our customer service department to schedule a FREE no-obligation estimate.