Solar Thin Film Metal Roof

Other than shelter, isn’t It time that you put your roof to work!

Solar Thin Film is aesthetically pleasing and integrates directly with our Standing Seam Roofs!

Global Home Improvement is a leader in standing seam metal roofing, but we’re not content with that. We’re also a leading installer of integrated thin film solar panels in PA, NJ and DE. They go perfectly with our metal roofs and provide a building-integrated energy source that will save you money for years to come. not to mention thin film solar will also ensure you’ll be the most eco-friendly home in your neighborhood.

Electric wind turbines

To make an informed choice, you need to understand the specifications and differences for architectural commercial, architectural residential, structural commercial and structural residential. With educated details, you will know how to communicate your needs to roofing contractors in Pennsylvania.

Solar Thin Film Durability:

20 year Warranty

  • Won’t lose functionality like other solar panels.

Won’t break

  • Made of flexible material.

Weather resistant

  • Thin-film lays flat, impervious to wind Electronics covered under ridge cap, hidden from elements.

Solar Metal Roof Tax Credits:

  • 30% of solar and metal system cost with no limit On solar panels, electronics and utilized metal roof.
  • Federal Tax Credit can be taken over multiple years.

State specific programs

  • Eligibility for grants and loans.
  • New Jersey Customer-Sited Renewable Energy Rebates Program.
  • Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Rebate Program.
  • Delaware State Programs – ask for details.


Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) Benefits:

Companies buy these to offset their energy costs
1 SREC per megawatt your solar panels produce
Before and after solar panels