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Global Home Improvement Case Studies: Why does vinyl siding fail?

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Vinyl siding has seen a lot of change over the years in terms of looks and styles, insulation, etc. Though it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as wood or stone, it does have it's benefits. It’s cheap, relatively easy to replace, and you have a ton of options.

Unfortunately, they come with a handful of potential issues that may or may not outweigh the pros. That’s up to you to decide.


Vinyl siding is marketed as “maintenance free” which isn’t necessarily true. Obviously, you have to wash it every so often to maintain it’s sheek look, but that leaves a lot of potential for water damage to occur long-term and mold and rot to form under the siding. It’s actually recommended you routinely recaulk some of the joints.

It’s not sustainable

Not only is the process in making vinyl siding environmentally hazardous, it can also release harmful toxins in the heat.

It also isn’t the best option when thinking about insulation. So when hot and cold air are able to make it into and out of the house, it’s hard to maintain stable internal temperatures and that’ll affect your energy bills.

Warping and cracking

Vinyl siding is susceptible to damage from the climate as well. Sun damage and high heat areas will cause a warping effect to the vinyl, making it look like the siding is melting.

On the flip side, in the winter, if it gets cold enough, small impacts can cause the vinyl to crack, allowing moisture to get inside.

You can always replace the damaged pieces, which isn’t necessarily difficult, but you’ll see these problems coming up again several times.

The aesthetics

Vinyl siding can take away from the unique appeal and charm of certain homes, especially historic ones. Compared to wood, stone, stucco, etc. it’s tough for vinyl to compete. Especially when cracks and mold begin to form.



Though vinyl siding has been a popular choice for homes for a while, the low price might not be worth the future costs to maintain it.


When comparing vinyl siding to Hardiplank fiber cement siding, Hardie offers the durability and the style you’d want with your home. You won’t see it begin to fall apart after a short time from braving the climate.


To learn more about our fiber cement siding options, click here.


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