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Global Home Improvement Case Studies: Choosing the Right Patio Door for Your Home

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Patio doors provide numerous benefits to the room. They let tons of natural light in, open up a space, give you access to an amazing outdoor view, and plus they’re energy efficient.

Let’s talk about the 3 main patio door options that Marvin offers.

Sliding French Door

The sliding french door is a combination of the sliding patio and the Swinging french patio door. It has the thicker profile as well as the extra space from not needing the swing space. The nice thing about the sliding french patio door is that you won’t have to worry about how the swinging doors will impact your interior or exterior furniture arrangements.

Sliding Patio Door

Marvin’s sliding patio door is a solid option because of it’s slimmer profile, it’s contemporary style, and it doesn’t require a lot of floor space for any swinging doors.

They’ll typically have a larger space on the floor for the door to glide on. One thing you’d have to consider is the amount of foot traffic you’re expecting since you can only slide one pane.

Inswing French Door

The french patio door usually has two doors, able to swing outward or inward. The door frame is typically wider as well. The style works well with older, traditional looking homes, but also adds an elegant charm to modern homes.

There are also some practical factors that you’ll need to consider for this type of door. Do you want the inswing or outswing versions, is there room for the doors to swing fully, do you live in an area prone to strong winds, foot traffic.

Which one is best for you?

The answer really depends on the space you’re working with, your budget, your home, and your own preference.

If you’re trying to maintain a traditional style, have space for the doors to swing, and you have a bit more budget, then I’d go for the Marvin Infinity Inswing French Door.

However, if space is an issue, you can still get all the benefits from the Marvin Infinity Sliding French Door or the Marvin Infinity Sliding Patio Door.

Regardless, all of your options are made of Ultrex Fiberglass; so they’re incredibly durable and low maintenance. They’re energy efficient and come in a variety of options. 


When choosing a door for your patio, you do have a couple things to think about, but regardless of your decision, the end result will be amazing.

Interested in learning more about your options? Give us a call.


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