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Global Home Improvement Case Studies: Making Your Home More Comfortable with Marvin Windows

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


There are plenty of ways to boost that comfort factor of your home but one overlooked way is making improvements to your windows. Having good windows can affect physical comfort, lighting, space, etc.

So how exactly can Marvin fiberglass windows add to the comfort of your home? Let’s find out.

Insulated windows for physical comfort

One of the last things that you want is heat to easily escape through your window in the winter and your air conditioning to escape in the summer. Not only does this impact your energy bills but it also makes the room a bit uncomfortable.

We at Global Home Improvement install Marvin Infinity windows for several reasons, one being that they’re insulated. The three glass options are Low E2, Low E3, and Low e3/ERS. Your lowest option, Low E2, will reflect heat back to it’s source and block up to 84% of UV rays, so you're instantly making a huge impact.

More glass space to open up your room

There are 3 big options for opening up a space with windows.

Let’s look at bay windows. They provide a way to open up a space that branches off the interior of the home, they allow for much more light to come in which will make the room look lighter and bigger, and you get an amazing view. Another pro is their versatility. They can make great shelves, additional seating, your creativity is the limit.

Another option is the bow window. It offers a lot of the benefits of the bay window, only differing in small details. They typically protrude outward less and are wider and more rounded than bay windows. If you’re looking to add to the comfort factor in the room, either of these options will work.

If you’d rather stick to traditional style windows, I’d consider going with a fiberglass frame. Since Marvin fiberglass windows are stronger, you can get up to an extra inch of glass space on both sides of the window. So replacing existing vinyl or wood windows with fiberglass will still help you get some extra light in there.

Working in stages, starting with the rooms you spend more time in

Window replacements can be costly and for a lot of people dropping thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars isn’t easy. But you don’t actually have to replace all of your windows at once.

We suggest starting with the rooms you spend the most time in. Think your living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Either of these are great places to start. And going room by room and breaking them into several smaller projects, you give yourself a chance to give your budget some time to replenish.


Replacing your windows can be an easy way to make a room more comfortable. Not only are you able to add light, space, and depth to a room, but you can also use them to retain heat in the winter and reflect heat in the summer.

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