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Global Home Improvement Case Studies: Why Insulated Vinyl Siding is a Great Fit for Your Home

Monday, February 26th, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Insulated vinyl siding could be a great fit for your home for several reasons. Some people just aren’t satisfied with the durability of regular vinyl or the lack of insulation it provides. The solution to these problems would be looking into installing Prodigy’s foam insulated vinyl siding.

Let’s go over why installing Prodigy siding might be best for you.


Foam insulated vinyl siding is definitely stronger than regular vinyl. Because there is a layer of foam between the vinyl and the wall itself, any impact that would crack or bend regular vinyl would be reduced.

Unfortunately, vinyl has never been known for it’s durability. It cracks in the winter, warps in the summer, but insulated vinyl has been tested and the results show it has a much higher impact resistance.

Energy Efficiency

It feels almost obvious that insulated vinyl will be more energy efficient than regular vinyl, and it is. In fact, studies show that a home without insulation can save about 14 percent on heating and cooling costs with insulated vinyl. That’s a pretty solid chunk.

We all have that one room in our house that’s always just uncomfortable; too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. But insulated vinyl is like wrapping your house in a blanket to keep internal temperatures more stable.


In terms of maintenance, vinyl is marketed as a maintenance-free product, but this isn’t always the case. Every siding option will have their own vulnerabilities, but at least with vinyl, planks are easy to replace. Plus that bonus durability of insulated vinyl will reduce the need to replace broken and bent planks.


Vinyl itself is a more affordable option, which is part of it’s appeal and naturally, the insulated versions will be a bit more expensive because of their higher quality.

Determining the cost is always difficult for projects like this. Everyone charges differently based on rates, materials, home size, etc.

The best way to know how much it will cost for sure is to have a licensed professional visit and examine the home.


There are tons of siding options out there that would look great and perform well for your home. So why choose Prodigy insulated vinyl or regular vinyl or any of the other options? Well, the answer really depends on what you’re looking for from your siding. Are you looking for a balance between affordability, efficiency, and durability? Insulated vinyl might be a good call for you.

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