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Global Home Improvement Case Studies: Choosing Windows, Siding, and Roofing for Your Ranch Style Home

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Ranch style homes have a variety of humble sizes and shapes all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their siding, windows, and roofing materials also vary across the board and are open to the creativity of the homeowner. However, we can see some commonalities among examples.

Some of those classic examples typically have asymmetrical “L” and “U” shapes, will usually have single, open floor plans, have an attached garage, as well as an emphasis on outdoor living. So that could mean sliding patio doors, porches, etc.

So when it comes down to choosing windows, siding, and roofing for your ranch style home, what are your best options?

Ranch Home with Standing Seam Metal Roof

Choosing Siding for Your Ranch Home

This is one of the big areas where you have a ton of flexibility. I’ve seen ranch homes with vinyl siding, brick, stone, stucco, wood, etc. Each option has their own unique style, pros, and cons. So you kind of have to think about what you want.

If you’re looking for a durable, versatile material, I’d suggest a Hardie fiber cement installation over wood or vinyl. It can mimic plenty of style options plus you have a range of colors. I’d suggest it over wood siding or vinyl siding because you won’t have to worry about the weather or moisture causing any issues like warping, cracking, mold/mildew growth, bg infestation, etc. Interestingly, some studies show if installed correctly, fiber cement siding will last up to 100 years.

You could also consider combining materials. Trying Heritage Stone on your Ranch home on the lower half with a fiber cement upper half could give you a beautifully unique look to your ranch home. But you could also play with stucco, brick, really anything.

Choosing Windows for your Ranch Home

Ranch style homes really have come a long way since the mid-1900s and window choices really have evolved over the years. There’s really nothing wrong with installing smaller windows and there’s nothing wrong with going with larger windows. I’ve actually seen a lot of people argue against bay and bow windows, but I really don’t see a problem with them. I think casement windows, awnings, single/double hung, bay/bow windows would be a great addition. You could even consider grilles if you’d like.

It’s also common to see patio doors. Of course, this isn’t mandatory in all Ranch style homes, but it is a great way to let more natural light in, open up the space, and give yourself a great view of the outdoors. This is where you could explore the Marvin Infinity Sliding French Door, Patio Door, or Inswing French Door. You get the ideal balance of elegance and durability

One thing I definitely would recommend is considering a Marvin fiberglass window replacement. They have superior frames, more energy efficient panes, and stronger weather seals. This means more glass space to allow more light in, lower heating and cooling costs, and less maintenance down the line.

Choosing Roofing for Your Ranch Home

Ranch homes old and new can look great with roofs made of wood, asphalt, metal, etc. So this decision really depends again on personal preference, budget, and environment.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with whichever roofing material you choose, but metal roofs have several styles; standing seam, tiles, and shingles. So they’re pretty versatile. More importantly, they have all of the perks of your other options, just without the negatives. They look great, they’re more energy efficient, they’re stronger, and they last a lifetime. With an experienced metal roofing installer, you won’t see any issues with leaks, etc.


When fitting your Ranch style home with new windows, siding, and roofing, you have a lot of flexibility with the materials you choose. It really comes down to your own preference for what style you want to go for.

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