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5 Practical Tips for Replacing a Roof for Your Contemporary Home

Monday, May 9th, 2016 by Paul Kazlov

5 Practical Tips for Replacing a Roof for Your Contemporary Home

Replacing a roof can appear to be an overwhelming, tedious and arduous undertaking. It’s the biggest and most important aspect of your home, after all. However, the project can go according to plan and be an instant success if executed properly. Yet how should you go about replacing your roof? Start with following these five tips on how to do just that and you’ll be off to a great start! 

1) Do Your Research

The most important component of any roof replacement is the contractor you hire to do the job. Using mobile sites and directories to find the ideal roofing contractor is essential. In general, target a contractor that can provide services within your budget and has a charted record of successful work that has satisfied multiple clients. In addition, roofers with specific industry-leading credentials are always the optimal option.

2) Secure Applicable Permits

Many experts agree: securing the appropriate building permits and variances are essential to ensure a successful roof replacement project. According to Angie’s List, several, if not all, local town governments and municipalities will require specific permits for roofing work. Ignoring this tip can ultimately prolong any project and thus result in more money being spent. Failing to secure the appropriate permits required to execute any roof replacement can result in hefty fines and project suspensions.

3) Schedule The Project For The Appropriate Time

This tip can be applied in a variety of facets. First and foremost, it is best to undergo this project when the time is right. Roof replacements can be expensive, and so it is imperative that the timing is ideal financially because roof replacements must be completed to the highest standard. Attempting to save money on less quality work will end up costing you more. This is why we recommend using multiple directories and specialist listing sites to find your ideal contractor, so you are not forced to cut corners.

4) Pay Mind To Weather and Seasonal Changes

The best time to complete a roof replacement project is in the warmer months of the year. Scheduling a roof replacement project for the winter can be extremely painstaking for you and the contractor. Inclement weather events are more frequent and can halt or even regress the status of the endeavor. While many repair initiatives last only a few days, it is all the more better if you plan ahead and book when the weather is more accommodating.

5) Do Not Neglect Ventilation 

One of the most important aspects you must consider is durability and ventilation. Without proper ventilation, you open your home up to rotting as well as loss of air, which causes energy costs to rise. Therefore, it is essential to assure adequate ventilation to various regions of the attic or upper level of the home, this can be achieved through keeping areas of ventilation free and clear. During a replacement project, it is paramount to remain committed to this idea. This is a known practice that is proven to enhance the lifespan of your roof and decrease the likelihood of structural compromise. In addition, honoring this imperative will result in an increase in savings for home energy costs.

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