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Tips for Restoring a Historical Home with a Metal Roof

May 31, 2023

Tips for Restoring a Historical Home with a Metal Roof

Historic Roofing with a Metal Roof

Antique homes are beautiful and elegant in ways that modern styles just can’t match. They’re also popular areas of interest for remodeling and restoration projects. There’s often the misconception, however, that newer materials and construction techniques have no place in remodeling a historical home. While it’s true that some construction approaches might harm the overall value of an older home, it’s wise not to rule out modern home-design ideas.

Many owners of historical homes want to preserve the original charm by hiring contractors who specialize in construction methods from generations past. Typically, this is more expensive, and the longevity and durability of the renovations may not be up to par with modern techniques.

The roof is one area where almost every home could benefit from a little contemporary style. Although historic buildings may benefit from the look of asphalt shingles, or even the beauty of stone, a metal roof can still contribute to their beauty and value.

Metal roofs are practical, visually stunning options for homeowners who want to increase property value, reduce energy bills, enhance structural integrity and add curb appeal. These roofs can last 35 years or longer, making them smart long-term investments—even for those who don’t intend to relocate anytime soon.

Metal Roofs Can Increase the Lifespan of a Historic Home

Besides their inherent beauty, older homes stand out in terms of longevity. This harmonizes well with metal roofs, which are known for their ability to last for decades with little to no maintenance.

This doesn’t compare at all to the amount of work and repair often required for more traditional roofing materials and construction methods. Metal roofs not only help protect a building from the outside elements, but they also add strength and energy-saving benefits. For older homes, this makes the material a fantastic and even smarter choice than asphalt.

Metal Roofs Look Great on Old Homes

One of the most important factors to consider when remodeling a historic home is the aesthetics. Renovations should not detract from the beauty of an aged home. Metal roofing offers a variety of different color and finishing options, so it can complement just about any home exterior. Moreover, many types of metal roofs can come in a number of different textures to mimic stone, wood or other materials.

Metal Roofs Can Increase the Value of a Historic Home

When remodeling a historic home, it’s important to preserve its aged charm, and you can do this while maintaining and even boosting the house’s value. Metal roofs can lengthen the lifespan of a historic home. The increased energy-efficiency from a metal roof will also add value and make the house more desirable in a world more and more interested in environmentally sustainable forms of construction.

Metal Roofs Can Make Old Homes More Energy Efficient and Green

As beautiful as historic home construction-materials and techniques look, they aren’t always the most energy efficient, or the most environmentally friendly. They were developed in a different time, with different perspectives and concerns. That’s why many historic-home remodeling jobs are complete with the interests of making the house more energy efficient while preserving its glamour.

Metal roofs can help with this. Considered a “cool” form of roofing, they reduce energy consumption and, therefore, decrease power bills. With no tar or pollutants to be found in the material or the construction, runoff from rain is perfectly clean; it can return to the soil without dragging any contaminants along with it that could potentially harm the local water cycle. Since metal roofs comprise recyclable parts and can be recycled after their time, they represent a sustainable form of remodeling and restoring an older home. Historic home remodeling is practically an industry on its own, but it’s not without innovation. Metal roofing can be an important attribute that enhances the beauty of an old home while ensuring it lasts for many more years to come.

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