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3 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding

May 31, 2023

3 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding

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Having a protective layer around the exteriors of your house gives even the most skeptical homeowners a great peace of mind. As a shield that embraces your house, siding effectively safeguards your home from elements, pestilent weather conditions and other windblown debris. Because of the excessive exposure of siding to inclement elements, your siding will rightly show signs of wear and decay. Over time, your siding may fail in both its utility and aesthetic functions, motivating you to find a new siding in its place. While you have a plethora of siding options to explore, choosing vinyl siding will guarantee a durable and reliable siding solution and give your home the beauty and security you’ll always need.

Friendly to Your Wallet

The affordability of vinyl siding is a magnet that attracts homeowners who are looking for an economical and reliable siding solution. Effectively capturing approximately 32 percent of the U.S. siding market for new homes, “a mid-grade vinyl costs about $1.60 per square foot to install,” says This Old House. The cost to Install Fiber Cement Siding averages $3.96 – $5.86 per square foot in 2014. Depending on the type of wood you choose, wood siding can cost anywhere from $2.75 to $6.50 per square foot.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

While price is definitely important when it comes to choosing the right siding, you also will want to consider not only your home and its exterior aesthetics, but your home’s location as well. For instance, if you live in a rather cold or wintery climate–places that see snow every winter such as the North and Northeast–then you might want to consider something like Insulated Vinyl Siding.

Not only is insulated siding well known for wrapping and protecting your home in a thermal blanket, but it’s also know for its energy efficiency thanks to its 1.5 inch thick insulating layer. During moments of heavy rain, insulated siding repels the rain away from the home, while the insulated layer does most of the work, keeping you comfortable and at ease.

Other vinyl siding options to consider are Charter Oak Energy Elite and Charter Oak siding; otherwise known as GlobalTech Plus and GlobalTech Siding, respectively. Each siding option provides homeowners with plenty of insulation, energy efficiency, as well as protection from mother nature. Specifically, GlobalTech Plus siding comes equipped with 5x impact resistance as opposed to traditional siding.

Beautiful in Appearance

Vinyl siding is not only tough but also comes in a boatload of colors and textures to fine-tune your customization experience. Darker colors are said to give your exterior design an air of formality and sophistication. Lighter colors, on the other hand, often evoke a lively and elegant flair. The GlobalTech vinyl siding series comes in a variety of stains to give your home a unique personality including 24 aesthetically pleasing colors to fully capture the expressions you wish to convey. Colors such as Glacier White is loved for its graceful and elegant mood, while Tuscan Clay creates an interesting charisma that beautifully evokes a classical look with a dash of ambiance.

Looking for a Siding Product? Vinyl is the Answer!

Choosing the right siding product goes a long way in the comfort and security of your home. You’ll want to consider a few factors before diving in. Energy Efficiency, insulation, weather resistance, aesthetic and beauty. Just to name a few.

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