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3 Reasons to Choose Metal Slate Roofing

May 31, 2023

3 Reasons to Choose Metal Slate Roofing

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 If a new roof is part of your next major home-remodeling project, it pays to  compare the options. Although aesthetics should most definitely factor into your  decision, there are a number of other considerations: energy-efficiency, weight,  climate and other environmental factors—to name a few.

 Due to looks, functionality and long-term savings, metal roofs are gradually  replacing asphalt as the go-to material for both residential and commercial  buildings. From single-pane designs to colored textures, there are plenty of  choices for homeowners interested in metal roofs.

With superior strength and temperature control, as well as a “greener” production process, metal roofs offer certain benefits that alternative materials just can’t match. And when it comes to complementing the look of a home, few options offer the affordability and beauty of metal slate. Here are three reasons to choose metal slate for your next roof renovation.

1. Greater Longevity and Less Maintenance

Most homeowners are familiar with shingle inspections—particularly after a rough season of rain, snow or wind. Asphalt shingles, though popular, often require repair or replacement after such adverse weather. Metal slate roofing, however, rarely needs repair and offers a superior lifespan. It also requires less maintenance than asphalt and other options. 

Metal shingles are virtually immune to damage from wind, torrential downpours and snowstorms. As well, they can last 35 years or longer. This allows manufacturers to offer attractive warranties, which commonly last up to 50 years! When repairs or maintenance is necessary, the process is often cheaper and less involved for metal roofs compared to asphalt designs.

Metal slate shingles also offer an exceptional level of versatility. If you enjoy changing the design of your home, metal slate shingles can easily adapt to your goals. Because you can paint them and customize their textures, there’s no limit to the style options, and you won’t face the expense of redoing the entire roof just to change up the aesthetics of a home.

2. Enhanced Energy-Efficiency

Though metal roofs offer a number of benefits, metal roofs are best known for their energy-efficiency. Their ability to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays contributes to stable indoor temperatures during the summer months. When combined with adequate insulation in the home, they also help keep the interior comfortable during the winter months. Homeowners typically save money on their energy expenses after making the switch to metal roofing.

Metal roofs often comprise recycled materials, and should a homeowner decide to replace a metal roof, the materials can, once again, be recycled—sometimes at a profit. The same is not true for asphalt shingles, which must be discarded after removal. Because they are so healthy for the environment compared to other materials, metal roofs have actually attracted tax incentives, giving homeowners plenty reason to make the switch.

3. Increased Home Value

It’s true: Metal roofing can increase value of a home. Not only do they add curb appeal with a sleek, attractive look, but they also reduce power bills, require less upkeep and last longer—all of which will appeal to potential buyers. Since metal roofing is often considered “green” roofing due to its energy-saving properties and recyclability, it’s a great investment for a future which is making a shift to more environmentally conscious and sustainable forms of construction.

Metal roofs also allow for more options down the road. Unlike most roof materials, homeowners can paint shingles to complement their tastes and style goals. Metal shingles are also easy to replace.

For these reasons, it’s easy to see why metal slate roofing is becoming so popular among homeowners. Exceptional structural integrity, lower power bills and raised house value will make metal slate roofs a fixture in construction for the foreseeable future.

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