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3 Simple Ways to Add Styles to Your Windows

May 31, 2023

3 Simple Ways to Add Styles to Your Windows

3 Simple Ways to Add Styles to Your Windows

Styling your home with lovely décor is an effective way to stay fashionable without stretching your wallet. With a little touch here in the living room and a tiny update there in the kitchen, your home will look dramatically different with just some small style upgrades. But did you know that creatively utilizing your window treatment options will help you to economically accomplish more than any strenuous DIY projects or full-scale renovation? Here are 3 ways to get you started today:

Highlight the Eyes of Your Home with Breezy Sheers

It’s difficult to talk about home styling without tipping our hats to the amazing window treatment varieties out there. From the elegant valances to the graceful floor-to-ceiling drapes, the appeal of your living space can be magically transformed with a simple window treatment switch.

To give your home a breezy look during the dog days of summer, go for lightweight fabrics that can beautifully channel some outdoor colors and lighting into your living space. According to, while window sheers are often called to set a light and airy flair, homeowners can take advantage of their versatile colors and patterns to cast an entirely different glow over the room. When done right, sheers can seamlessly liven up rooms with darker colored designs or simply serve as an ambient backdrop for rooms with a lighter and more neutral undertone.

Diversify Your Window Treatment Choices

Gone are the days when a common design theme dominates the entire home. Nowadays, most homeowners are interested in creating a distinctive design style for each room. The versatility of window treatment options offer homeowners the flexibility to customize their living spaces in a variety of moods. Although sheers are loved for their breezy style in summer, drapes made with light, floral fabrics are equally attractive candidates especially in the bedrooms — a place where privacy and intimacy are both valued.

On the other hand, your kitchen will not be best served with long, sweeping drapes or curtains. As an area that is often occupied by uncooked food, smoke, fire, and water, shades or partial covering have become the ideal (and safe) solutions for a quick touch-up. Because most kitchen windows are slightly smaller in size, artistic homeowners can take advantage of the opportunity and make some window treatment themselves. One homeowner even went as far as making her own window topper out of the most ordinary material.

Use Decorative Pillows to Capture Mood & Flair

Throw pillows (decorative pillows) are affordable ways to create new themes and flairs for your rooms without any major makeover or furniture purchase. One cool thing about throw pillows is that you can use as many and as little of them as you want. You can opt to have only one or two lay leisurely on each end of a sofa or choose to stack a number of them artistically across the entire sectional for a burst of rainbow colors.

Additionally, decorative pillows today are no longer just about colors and patterns. Decorative pillows can be adorned with other decorations like buttons, jewels, and beads for extra effects and personalization. From pillows with overlapping ribbon details to those embellished with 3D felt butterflies, throw pillows are the new fashion statement to communicate your taste loud and clear.

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