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3 Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Metal Roof

May 31, 2023

3 Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Metal Roof

3 Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Metal Roof

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With Americans spending approximately $40 billion annually on air conditioning, having energy efficient roofs can generously decrease the amount of heat transferred into your home. Cool roofs, according to Consumer Energy Center, can greatly reduce air pollution and smog formation, roofing waste, and summer air conditioning costs. Cool roofs offer many different benefits, which is why more and more Americans are turning to metal roofs for their durable, recyclable, and energy efficient features.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have gained substantial popularity for various reasons. Not only are metal roofs an excellent choice for homes and buildings located in extreme weather, the longevity and sustainability of metal roofs greatly outperform asphalt roofs. As Metal Roofing Alliance observes, metal roofs are durable and environmentally friendly. “Highly emissive metal roofs can reduce urban temperatures by as much as 12 ° F.”

For those of you who have chosen metal roofs as the sustainable way to slash back your energy bills, choosing the right color for your metal roof is equally critical. We would like to offer 3 tips that will help you to decide the perfect color for your metal roof:

Tip #1: Work with the exterior

Metal roofs, despite what the common misconceptions say, actually come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. With over 35 color selections, choosing the best color has a lot to do with the styles you would like to create. For example, a colonial red color is recommended for country farm houses for its brick-mimicking and warmth-evoking style. However, homes that are slightly historic in design will prefer a lighter or grayish color to capture the great dimension and contrast of the pattern.

Do some research. Walk around your neighborhood for inspiration. Jot down potential metal roof colors that can beautifully complement your the current aesthetic and design of your home.

Tip #2: Consider lighter hues

As much as you may like deep hues, choosing lighter hues for your metal roof is a energy efficient investment you should seriously consider. Lighter colors are better sunlight reflectors. Multiple studies have documented a significant reduction in energy spending by simply lightening the color of a roof. As Green Home Guide points out, dark roofs conduct much higher temperature than light ones. On a summer day, a dark-colored roof that can reach 150 to 175 degrees will not only increase “the energy needs of your home, it also contributed greatly to the heat island effect in urban areas.” Switching to a white roof or light colored roof, on the other hand, can reduce energy by about 20%.

Tip #3: Evaluate the climate

While homeowners are recommended to consider lighter hues to reduce their air conditioning bills, choosing dark and sophisticated colors for your roof is not a bad idea in regions with short summers. Dark roofs absorb heat and can help keep your house warm if you happen to live in an area with a colder climate.

Choosing the Right Metal Roof Color

When choosing a color for your metal roof, striking a balance between functionality and beauty is key to achieving a pleasant result. Although lighter hues can definitely reduce your energy expenditure, carefully selecting a light roofing color that coordinate with other components of your home will yield a win-win situation. Start with your exterior; narrow down your choices by considering energy spending and climate factors. Go through the remaining color selections to find one that will satisfy your aesthetic appetite and desire for sustainable living.

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