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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Ready for the Fall

May 31, 2023

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Ready for the Fall


It’s that time of the year when the days begin to shorten and the temperature grows mild. Instead of blooming flowers and flourishing trees, you are starting to see shades of yellow, orange and red all around you. Fall is here again, and before you know it, winter will be fast upon you. Is your home ready for fall harvest or are you still scrambling to prepare your home before the cold weather (and the rainy season) take a toll on you? To help you and your family to enjoy the many benefits this colorful season has to offer, here are three easy but practical ways to make sure your home is ready for the fall.

Perform a Detailed Roof Inspection

Your roof serves as the first line of defense against uninviting debris and natural elements. Because the roof is constantly fending off inclement weathers and other aggressive attacks from Mother Nature, it is common for roofs to suffer dents, cracks and other damages. Most of the time, the heat in summer, the chilliness in winter and the showers in spring have altogether made roof inspection and repair difficult in those seasons. However, with the weather slightly cooler and the rain carefully kept at bay, fall offers the perfect opportunity for you to inspect your roof and make any necessary repair. Inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing or leaky vents. If the damage is beyond repair, replacing your asphalt roof with an energy-efficient metal roof will guarantee superior durability, longevity and versatility.

Clean and Repair Your Gutter

As your roof’s drainage system that annually diverts thousands of gallons of water from your home’s exterior and foundation walls, cleaning and repairing your gutter in the fall will ensure that your gutter is ready to expel waters and handle snow efficiently when the weather turns against you. A clogged gutter is infamous for damaged exterior surfaces, wet basement, interior flooding and other serious structural damages. Because clogged gutters are more prone to rust and corrosion, maintaining your gutter by giving it a serious inspection and cleaning will effectively help you to avoid roofing and foundational problems in the near future.

Check Your Windows and the Heating System

Windows are popular air leakage points around the house. By examining windows and doors for cracks and sealing them to prevent drafts, you are guaranteed to stay warm, conserve energy, and reduce your heating bills in both fall and winter. Additionally, fall is also the perfect time to perform an annual inspection of your heating system to secure the comfort of your home before the temperature drops. Dust all vents, clean all filters and check all gas (or oil) connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger to maximize operating safety and efficiency. As Energy Star suggests, it is extremely important to keep “your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having a contractor do annual pre-season check-ups. Contractors get busy once summer and winter come, so it’s best to check the cooling system in the spring and the heating system in the fall.”

These are just some of the ways to ready your home for the fall. Contact Global Home Improvement if you have any question about your roof, gutter and windows. We will be more than happy to make your home comfortable before the leaves fly.

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