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3 Ways to Prevent Serious Damage to Your Gutters

May 31, 2023

3 Ways to Prevent Serious Damage to Your Gutters

3 Ways to Prevent Damage to Gutters

As a responsible homeowner, you are probably aware the aesthetics of your home is not a matter of giving it the right décor. Very often, a home’s beauty is dramatically affected by how well you maintain its parts. Everything from the roof to your driveway warrant thoughtful attention and care to keep your home working beautifully. Of all the things you need to track, your gutter is one that can be often neglected until it begins to leak uncontrollably or hang loosely from your fascia. According to, gutter troubles usually entail hefty financial investment. If you need a gutter replacement, the price can fall anywhere from $1050 to $2400, and with separate prices assigned to downspout installations. To save your hard earning money and keep your drainage system functional, you need a maintenance strategy. Here are 3 methods to help you to stay on track and avoid any serious damage to your gutters.

1) Perform Regular Gutter Inspection

Having a clear understanding of the condition of your gutter system is the best way to prevent a serious gutter damage. To do that, you need to know the anatomy of your gutter. A typical gutter system begins with an opening to capture the runoff . It is supported by a fascia basket that is attached to the eaves. The downspout (also known as a leader) is like the channel that directs water from the gutter to the ground. Elbows are sometimes attached as part of the downspout if you need to change direction. Finally, a downspout bracket is installed alongside to keep the downspout in place. When you understand how a gutter system works, you will be able to inspect certain areas of the gutter for loose nails, leakage, and other tell-tale signs (such as water trails on the exterior wall).

2) Put Gutter Cleaning on the Calendar

Every homeowner has some kinds of to-do lists or planner to track their progress. Many have a house errand/chores chart on their refrigerator. It’s interesting that we have a list for most of the house chores, but none for gutters. Change that today by putting gutter cleaning on your calendar so you’ll remember to give it a thorough cleaning when its turn comes. As RedBeacon explains, “the gutters should be cleaned twice a year, at the beginning of fall and at the beginning of spring. If you clean the gutters at the beginning of fall, the leaves will still be dry and easier to remove. Cleaning the gutters in early spring will again prepare it for directing the water brought in by the spring rains.”

3) Adhere to the Proper Gutter Cleaning Procedure

As tempting as it may be, do not flash your gutter with your garden hose. You don’t know what your gutter has been collecting. Flashing the debris can cause clog in downspout and create more problems along the way. To clean your gutter, homeowners need to first climb a ladder and scoop the gunk out. All homeowners should pay particular attention to the downspout because if such things like leaves and debris are clogging the passageway then water will not drain properly. As a result, you’ll end up with sagging gutters. Only use the hose once you’ve scooped out most of the stuff and major elements. While you are at it, you can pay attention to your gutter and downspout to look for any spot of leakage.

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Eyes Open and Take Actions ASAP

Roof water overflow, rotting wood, and a leaky roof are signs of a clogged gutter. When you see any of these signs, you should inspect your gutter and take necessary actions to clean it out even if the time for the next gutter cleaning is weeks (or even months) away. Doing so will save you lots of heartache and keep your gutter system healthy and running.

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