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3 environmental benefits of metal roofing

May 31, 2023

3 environmental benefits of metal roofing

These days, it seems like people are going to extremes to reduce their carbon footprints and impact on the environment. However, simply tweaking your lifestyle and the space you reside in can do wonders for your carbon footprint. For instance, replacing your asphalt roof with metal roofing can help you do your part to maintain the planet. Whether you’ve heard of the benefits of metal roofing before or you’re unfamiliar with them, it’s never too late to consider this alternative. Here are some key facts about the eco-friendliness of metal roofs and how they can help you achieve your goals to live more sustainably.

1. You aren’t living with asphalt
The Metal Roofing Alliance reported that about 20 billion pounds of asphalt

are dumped into landfills each year. You don’t have to be a part of the problem if you have a metal roof, which can last 50 years or more once it’s installed. It’s also worth noting that it’s typically constructed of materials that can be recycled once it’s no longer serviceable – your conscience can rest easily when it comes time for a replacement.

2. You can save energy
Many people don’t think about this when it comes to metal roofing, but energy can be saved through the use of this material, according to the Metal Construction Association. Homeowners can save up to 20 percent on their energy bills if they choose to switch to this alternative to asphalt. The reflectivity plays a large role in these savings, and it’s been proven to provide more energy efficiency through studies conducted by groups such as the Florida Solar Energy Center and Florida Power and Light.

3. Metal roofing is typically made from recyclable materials
It’s worth noting that in many cases, metal roofing is composed of recyclable materials. Between 25 to 95 percent of most metal roofs are made out of recyclable items, which can give you peace of mind if you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint. Conventional roofing materials – primarily asphalt shingles – can increase your impact on the environment. Often, these items are composed of products derived from oil. Additionally, they aren’t recyclable and don’t have as long of a life as the average metal roof.

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