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3 Temporary Fixes for Drafts if You’re Not Ready to Replace You Windows

May 31, 2023

3 Temporary Fixes for Drafts if You’re Not Ready to Replace You Windows

Replacing windows isn’t cheap, especially if you’re trying to install higher quality ones like Marvin Infinity’s fiberglass window. Whether you’re not ready to commit to a purchase or you’re just gathering your funds, you need to come up with some ways to alleviate yourself of your pesky draft, especially in the summer or winter.

Here are 3 quick tips for reducing your window draft.

1. Install Weatherstripping

It’s not uncommon for wood and vinyl windows to warp, creating spaces around the frame. This allows air to come in and escape, ultimately making it difficult to keep the room at a stable temperature.

Installing some thicker, more efficient weatherstripping or even throwing down some draft snakes could be a solid way to reduce the amount of air that moves through the gaps.

2. Put up Thermal Curtains

Another possibility could be to use denser thermal curtains. This is just another way to keep the draft from allowing cool or hot air to escape from the room a little bit more efficiently. This obviously isn’t a long-term solution but could help you get through a tough season so you can replace the windows in a few months.

3. Use Window Shrink Film

If the seal of your insulated window has been compromised and that insulative gas escapes, your window has virtually no way of keeping hot and cold air inside.

Applying shrink film to your windows could help keep up to 55% of heat inside. This isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a start to getting yourself by before you can come up with a long-term fix.

To conclude

The only real way to fix a draft is to replace your windows, especially if they are damaged and failing. Marvin Infinity’s fiberglass frame is stronger and more durable than wood or vinyl, so you won’t have to worry about seal failure. Plus, the insulated glass optimizes your home’s energy efficiency.

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