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3 Ways Metal Roofs are the Best Choice for the Environment

May 31, 2023

3 Ways Metal Roofs are the Best Choice for the Environment

When shopping for a new roof, there are typically a few factors most people consider most important, impact on the environment being one of them. There’s a couple key points to consider; the materials used to make metal roofs, whether or not there are chemicals in the roof that could hurt the environment, how the roof will be recycled in the future, etc.

Here are 3 reasons that metal roofs are the ideal choice for the environment.

1. They come from recycled materials

Steel is one of the most commonly recycled materials. In fact, many steel roofs contain 40% of recycled steel. Asphalt shingles often pile up in landfills after their short lifespan because of the difficulty to recycle them. Since metal roofs are 100% recyclable, the chances of them being dumped in a landfill is unlikely. 

2. They don’t contain toxic or harmful materials

There was a study done that tested rainwater that ran off asphalt roofs. The tested rainwater had higher amounts of lead from picking it up off the road. This contaminated water then spreads throughout your yard and garden.

Metal roofs don’t contain harmful or toxic chemicals.

3. Their lifespan

Asphalt roofs can need to be replaced as early as 15 years after installment. For homeowners that stick to asphalt shingles, after each replacement, it just means more and more asphalt being piled up in landfills.

Metal roofs can last up to 70 years, meaning that once you get your roof replaced, you may never have to worry about it again. In terms of having a long lasting roof that won’t need to be replaced for decades, the metal roof is the most green choice.

To conclude

When looking at how metal roofs compare to asphalt roofs in terms of environmental friendliness, there’s really no competition. Metal roofs are entirely recyclable, contain no chemicals that can hurt the environment, and outlast asphalt roofs.

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