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ProVia’s Embarq Door Installation

May 31, 2023

3 Things that make ProVia’s Embarq Fiberglass doors worth buying

When it comes to buying a new door for your home, what are the big deciding factors for you? Will you only buy the strongest, most durable door regardless of the appearance? Or do you put the design and beauty of it over energy efficiency?

There’s really a lot to consider when choosing a door, but let’s talk about 3 things that make ProVia’s Embarq fiberglass door worth considering.

1. Superior features

There are a lot of features and materials the make the ProVia Embarq door special. Some include the custom thermal sweep, the heavy duty, thermal threshold barrier, and the compounds used to create the durable exterior. All culminating into an ultra durable door that’s resistant to weathering, very energy efficient, looks amazing, and will any other door.

2. Quad glass system

Beneath the initial low-E glass surface are four chamber of krypton filled air space. What does this actually mean for you? Well, heat will have an incredibly difficult time passing through the window. So in the winter, heat will stay inside your home and in the summer, heat will stay outside.

3. The energy efficiency

There are several ways that ProVia’s Embarq surpasses the average door in terms of energy efficiency. For one, that have a boost in insulation through their polyurethane cores. The door is also 43% thicker than the standard door, accommodating more insulation and increasing efficiency. All-in-all, the ProVia Embarq door is 4x more insulating than the standard wooden door. So the most energy efficient option is clear.

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