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4 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

May 31, 2023

4 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

4 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

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Choosing a material for the siding of a house is sometimes a difficult decision. No homeowner wants to worry about a new material being structurally weak, and no one has interests in having new siding repaired or replaced soon after installation.

While vinyl and aluminum have frequently been reliable alternatives to wood, a shift toward using fiber cement siding has been growing over the past several years. This is understandable as fiber cement offers many of the desired aspects found in vinyl and aluminum, but does so while excelling in areas where other materials fail.

1. Fiber Cement Is Very Durable

Durability is one of the more immediate concerns to any homeowner when it comes to serious renovations, especially those involving the siding of the house. Fiber cement is not only an incredibly resilient and durable material, but it also lacks many of the flaws inherent in both vinyl and aluminum.

While it’s often the case that extreme weather, or simply age, can lead to warped or even cracked vinyl, fiber cement siding holds up very well to the elements— and it also is immune to the dents and warping often found in aluminum siding. Fiber cement also holds up well in a variety of different climates; whether an area experiences frequent rain, snow, humidity or even salty air from nearby oceans, it holds its strength and appearance well.

Repairs, though not common, tend to be very easy. There are simply no normal circumstances by which a major replacement will be necessary.

2. Fiber Cement is Fire Resistant

Unlike wood siding, which is very vulnerable to fire, fiber cement has a zero flame-spread index; it’s essentially fireproof. Just as it holds up to weather well, extreme and unwanted, events such as a house fire, won’t be able to cause as much damage since the siding isn’t flammable.

While making for a safer home, it also contributes to the house’s overall value. If or when it comes time to consider selling, having a fireproof house on the market makes for a justifiable price point.

3. Fiber Cement is Impervious to Insects

Certain insects, such as ants and termites, often become more than just pests; they can affect the overall integrity of a home. Fiber cement, due to its composition and construction methods, effectively creates an impervious shield around the house, making it impossible for insects to penetrate.

If the house is in an area experiencing frequent problems with insects, fiber cement is a quick way to solve the issue, cutting out any need for exterminators spraying harmful chemicals around the house. It also adds to the value of the home.

4. Fiber Cement is Versatile

A very attractive aspect of fiber cement is its overall versatility. Not only can it be easily customized to fit any home application, but it can also come in textures mimicking wood or even stone. It’s also a paintable material—unlike vinyl, which can’t be repainted.

The joys of fully customizing a home can be easily achieved with fiber cement siding. It also opens the door to future renovations and color-scheme changes since it can be painted.

Overall it’s quite easy to see the areas where fiber cement excels beyond alternative materials. Though its initial cost is slightly more than vinyl or aluminum, the benefits from a durable, fire-resistant siding which allows for different designs are well worth it. A professional can supply all the information as to how fiber cement siding can improve the overall conditions and aesthetics of a home.

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