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4 Benefits of Stone Siding

May 31, 2023

4 Benefits of Stone Siding

4 benefits of stone siding

You have lots of options for home siding – vinyl, brick, wood, stucco just to name a few. But one that often gets forgotten about is stone, which is unfortunate because it’s one of the most appealing options and offers advantages you can’t get from any other material. If you have overlooked or dismissed stone as an option, wait to make your final decision until after you’ve considered these four major benefits:

Stone Siding is Aesthetically Pleasing
Look at most homes and the siding is completely uniform. Stone siding, by contrast, is dynamically different across every square foot. It features a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and impressions, giving any home it’s installed on a true one-of-a-kind quality. Stone siding is also versatile from a decorating standpoint. It can be used to give a home a classic and rustic look, or seamlessly complement a more modern design. Once the facade of the home has been upgraded with stone siding it instantly has more curb appeal. That sets the home apart from others in the neighborhood and attracts the attention of buyers when it’s time to sell.

Stone Siding is Durable for Decades
Stone siding is quite simply the most durable home siding material available. Other options can easily become damaged by strong storms, blowing debris, or careless kids. And even in the best conditions they will wear, fade, and age over time, compromising both their look and their ability to protect your home. Stone siding is immune to all of these problems. It can stand up to the worst kind of abuse without showing any signs of damage. Plus, stone does not wear out over time. That means decades after you install your stone siding it will look and function like new.

Stone Siding is Good for Your Home
Siding is designed to guard the more sensitive material underneath it and keep the worst of the elements out of your home. Stone siding provides an impermeable barrier that keeps out moisture that can rot wood, and insects that can invade your living space. The material is also naturally fire resistant. When you have stone siding, it’s much harder for fires to start, spread, or cause major structural damage to your home. But the biggest benefit might be the thermal barrier that stone siding creates. The HVAC that you pay good money for is kept inside your home. And the harsh heat and cold are kept outside. That lowers you utility bills while leading to a more comfortable home environment.

Stone Siding is Easy on the Homeowner
Other siding materials require regular cleaning and necessary repairs and maintenance. This is at least a once yearly chore, and with some materials it’s required every several months. With stone siding, your maintenance burden is minimal, if it exists at all. Since stone is so durable it basically never requires repairs or upkeep. And since it has a natural look, dirt and grime that collect on the surface is a lot less noticeable. You may elect to power wash the siding occasionally, but if you don’t it’s unlikely that anyone will notice.

You may be impressed by stone but concerned about the cost of the material and the length of the installation process. The good news is that stone veneers offer all the benefits of stone at a fraction of the cost and with a lot less necessary labor. Don’t rule out an option that has so much to offer both you and your home.

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