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4 Creative Home Improvement Projects for 2016

May 31, 2023

4 Creative Home Improvement Projects for 2016

4 Creative Home Improvement Projects for 2016

You don’t need to have a generous budget to upgrade your home. Contrary to popular beliefs, home improvement projects are not always expensive. In fact, they don’t need to involve a total makeover either. Here are 4 creative home improvement projects you can comfortably tackle in 2016:

Start with the Front Door

Ranked as one of the most valuable remodeling projects for the last three years, entry door replacement is an efficient but creative way to polish your exterior design. With the right color and material, your new front door can dramatically transform your home’s appearance and make the entire building feel more generous, open, and even luxurious. Choose dark-colored doors to give your entryway an air of value and formality or experiment with light colors for a lively and whimsical look. If you want to get trendy, you can take This Old House’s suggestion and explore some unique door color alternatives like Sassy Green, Raspberry, and Robin’s Egg Blue.

Replace Your Windows One at a Time

Start 2016 strong by replacing your old, beat-up windows with energy efficient windows. From the classic wood windows to the innovative fiberglass windows, homeowners have a wide range of selections to mix and match their aesthetic expectations. Try awning windows to embrace a gorgeous opening. If you can, install a luxurious bay window in your living room (or bedroom) for a touch of ambiance and dimension on the outside, and a welcoming feel on the inside.

Work Your Way into the Kitchen

You may not be ready for a full kitchen remodel, yet it’s hard to say no to a partial kitchen remodeling project. Depending on your remodeling targets, a minor kitchen improvement is an efficient way to give your kitchen an upscale flair without compromising your budget. One trick to determine your remodeling objectives is by identifying several focal points around the kitchen area. Is it the cabinets, the sink, or the counterpart? Sometimes, all you need is an improvement in kitchen lighting. Other times, you may decide that it’s time to refinish your cabinets or add a kitchen island to show off your culinary skills.

Pay Attention to the Small Things

Upgrading the small things — doorbells, coat hangers, and sink faucets — around the house can make a huge difference in its overall appearance and atmosphere. For example, if it’s been some time since you’ve used that living room ceiling fan, then maybe it’s time to replace it with a sparkling chandelier that is sure to capture any eye. Change the window treatment around your home by picking a new style, color, material, or all of the above. For those of you who are interested in selling or increasing the value of your home, many recommend that homeowners seriously consider replacing the carpet in your living room with hardwood floors for a clean and glossy look. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” Give in to your heart’s desire by improving your home and make it beautiful inside and out.

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