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4 Easy DIY Home Projects for the Spring

May 31, 2023

4 Easy DIY Home Projects for the Spring

4 Easy DIY Home Projects for the Spring

Spring marks the new chapter of a fresh year. As green leaves begin to peek out of the branches and flowers awake from their long hibernation, keeping your home in that wintery look just doesn’t seem so fun anymore. Inasmuch as you love the sparkling decorations mixed in green and red, it’s time for a new design. Down with the heavy drapes, and up with the light, translucent curtains. Let’s freshen up your living space with not just a few pretty floral pillows, but some amazing DIY home decors!

Make Baby Food Jar Vases

Flowers are beautiful decors around the house. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to arrange flowers or the budget to order charming bouquets from a florist each week. Thankfully, there’s a creative DIY solution for the dilemma. Taking baby food glass jars and securing them evenly across a piece of wood board, Make Life Lovely has created a nice floral display by putting freshly cut flowers into each of the jars. You can hang the masterpiece indoor or right outside of your house for a small garden show.

Hang up the Boots

Stop going to the store for a new wreath. You can make a DIY rain boot wreath that is stunning and personal. All you need to do is clean the boots up and loop a piece of burlap ribbon (or any ribbon you have) through the grommets. Next, put some of your favorite artificial flowers into the boots. You can arrange the flowers in an exquisite manner or stuff them loosely next to each other for a more natural look.

If artificial flower isn’t your cup of tea, Country Living recommends homeowners to “lace a 3-inch-wide cylindrical vase in both boot heels; stabilize with tissue paper if needed. Fill vase with water and seasonal blooms.” Then ta-da, here’s a unique wreath with your family’s footprint written all over it.

Turn Your Dinnerware into a Bird Feeder

Let’s face it: we all have dinnerware we no longer use. If you have a few plates lying around and don’t have the heart to donate them to Goodwill, you can move those lonely plates into the garden to entertain the birds. As Garden-Art-Projects shares, hanging dish bird feeders that are made out of a plate, shallow dish, or bowl not only provide enough room to hold the feed, but also give the birds plenty of space to perch on the rim and social.

While your most basic bird feeder involves you using a diamond drill bit to drill three small holes that are evenly distanced around the circumference of the plate, the project can get fancier from there. Some homeowners have used super glue to attach a gazing ball and a ceramic bird on the center. Others, like the one displayed on Country Living, turned out more like a store-bought birdhouse.

Recreate the Look of Your Tablecloths

Changing the style of your tablecloth is a great way to liven up your kitchen,To add a touch of spring into your solid-tone tablecloth, Martha Stewart came up with the brilliant idea of embellishing your tablecloth with a bunch of magnet-fitted flowers.

Furthermore, the flowers can be repurposed and used on cafe curtains or even the lampshades of your living room.
To get started, find a variety of beautiful fabric flowers from your local store. Adhere the mini magnets with fabric glue and put them right on the back of the flowers. Pick a spot on the tablecloth to position your flower and secure it by placing another magnet on the reverse side.

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