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4 Reasons Why Fiber Cement Siding is Perfect for Extreme Weather

May 31, 2023

4 Reasons Why Fiber Cement Siding is Perfect for Extreme Weather

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4 Reasons Why Fiber Cement Siding is Perfect for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather describes any severe weather event that exceeds the historical distribution in strength and impact. Extreme weather conditions are notorious for their costly damages inflicted upon homes and homeowners. Those who recognize the heavy consequences of severe weather events usually take great precaution when designing their homes. For homeowners who are looking into siding as the exterior layer of protection for your beautiful home, James Hardie Siding might be the way to go.

Introducing James Hardie Siding

Widely known for its pioneering work in fiber-cement siding, James Hardie provides quality siding that will effectively protect your home during extreme weather. With twenty color selections and versatile styles of wood grains, vertical sidings, and shingles for you to choose from, James Hardie’s innovative siding products are designed to not only add beauty and value to your home, but also keep you and your loved ones protected behind its durable structure. For starters, here are 4 reasons why James Hardie’s Fiber Cement Siding is the perfect siding for extreme weather:

Extremely Durable

When it comes to longevity and durability, fiber-cement siding outperforms both wood-based and vinyl sidings. Unlike vinyl siding, which at times can be damaged by windblown debris found in extreme weather conditions, the makeup of fiber cement siding makes it resilient to cracking, chipping, and splitting. Additionally, James Hardie siding does not suffer the same degree of expansion and contraction commonly found in wood and vinyl sidings and can survive extreme temperatures.

Withstands High Wind

A premium siding is only 5/100” thick, but fiber cement siding is 5x thicker than its competitors. Engineered to endure extreme climate and known for its superior performance in hurricane areas, Fiber Cement Siding can withstand high winds up to 150 mph.

Fire Resistant

Made with non-combustible and approved for fire-rated construction, “James Hardie fiber-cement exteriors have been tested by various IAS Certified Laboratories to ASTM International standards.” While not 1-hour fire-rated, James Hardie siding will neither ignite nor serve as fuel in a fire (for more information, consult this fire test conducted by James Hardie).

Resilient to Hurricane and Flood

Besides being inherently fire resistant in material, James Hardie siding has high impact resistance against heavy precipitation, hurricane, flood, and hailstorms. As Yahoo Homes reports, James Hardie siding does not get affected by salt air, high humidity and other common weather conditions found in seaside environments. Reports made by James Hardie after Hurricane Sandy also shows that houses with James Hardie siding sustained very minimal damage during the hurricane and after being soaked in 5 to 6 feet of salt water for 4 to 5 days.

James Hardie Siding: The Durable and Beautiful Solution

James Hardie siding wins in both beauty and durability. When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home, fiber cement siding not only undergoes a fully engineered coating system, but is also coated with environmentally controlled, baked-on-finish colors. With ColorPlus® technology colors and textures to virtually create the home of your dreams, James Hardie siding is definitely a durable, sturdy, and beautiful asset to the exterior of your home.

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