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4 Simple Home Remodeling Projects to Take on This Fall

May 31, 2023

4 Simple Home Remodeling Projects to Take on This Fall

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Are you looking to give your home a makeover this fall? Homeowners looking to raise the value of their property, or simply to give the house a facelift, will be glad to know they don’t have to look far in order to find ways to add a modern touch to their living space. No matter what the current trends may be, there are always classic remodeling projects which will give a fresh, new feeling to a home while boosting the its value at same time.

By diving into some timeless remodeling projects while taking advantage of current trends in style, this fall can be a great time to give an older house more than just a fresh coat of paint.

Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

Kitchen remodeling projects offer a versatile selection of renovation options; sometimes, all it takes is one simple addition to reach your design goals. One of the most essential areas to consider a remodel in the kitchen is the cabinets and drawers.

After years of cooking, grease and other materials may work their way into woodwork and cause damage. While regular cleaning cuts down on this, it can still cause the surface to age quickly and deteriorate. Grease can also build up in areas harder to reach, like the hinges of cabinets.

Having the cabinets replaced not only gives a brand-new look to a kitchen, but it also increases the longevity of the room since the older, worn-out materials are completely taken out of the picture. This is definitely one of the first areas every homeowner should consider when it comes to remodeling.

Color Schemes

Choosing to have a new color scheme throughout the inside and outside of the house is probably one of the easier and cheaper remodeling projects, but it can be the most impactful. Meeting with an experienced interior designer can give you some great ideas to plan out different shades of color throughout the house.

Choosing new colors tends to be a great first step in home remodeling since it gives residents an excellent opportunity to assess the rest of the house in order to determine what else can be remodeled.

Hardware and Lighting

Like areas in the kitchen, doorknobs, light switches and lamps are some of the most frequently used objects in the house. As a result, they tend to experience the most wear and tear. These are projects which, like painting, are easy to approach. They’re also great opportunities to match a new color scheme.

One of the more popular trends this fall in terms of hardware is the use of brass. Rustic-feeling, hammered brass is becoming increasingly common in doorknobs, lamps faucets and even as parts of shower curtains.

All About Closet Space

Closets are areas of the house that are constantly seeing new trends coming and going. Whether it’s different ways to utilize them or projects to enhance their usability, every year sees a new and fresh take on closet space.

Adequate lighting in closets is a major area of interest. Not just to get light in the area, but also to help work with existing or newer color schemes and hardware, closets are becoming another way to stylize a home. It goes without saying the color scheme inside the closet is also important here.

Though trends come and go, right now is a great time to seize the opportunity and hop onto great remodeling projects. Some are more new, like the resurgence in the use of brass, while others are timeless, like color schemes and kitchen renovation. All of these will create a new and inviting feeling in the home and can raise the overall value.

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