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4 Ways to Adorn the Interior of Your Windows

May 31, 2023

4 Ways to Adorn the Interior of Your Windows

4 Ways to Adorn the Interior of Your Windows

As your source for natural light and ventilation, the windows of your home can also sprinkle dashes of beauty to both your exterior and interior design. Wood windows, for example, are classy, traditional, and sophisticated, while fiberglass windows reflect advanced engineering and a streamlined charisma in their overall appeal. No matter what kind of window style or material you choose, it’s always fun to adorn the interior of your windows with personality:

Tuscan Style Curtains

Tuscan style curtains are named after the Tuscany region in Central Italy — an area that is famous for its gorgeous landmarks, culinary variety, and authentic personality. More commonly known as drapes in the United States, Tuscan style curtains are great for obscuring mildew, drafts, or water, while striking the perfect combination for privacy and light control. They usually come in a variety of rich colors and classy patterns to flood your room with warmth and Italian exquisiteness. For a fashionable finish, combine your Tuscan style curtain with simple valances or toppers to truly enhance its design.


Who says that wreath can only be hung at the door? Having a wreath on your window gives your empty glass area a new sense of delight. Although window wreaths are most popular around Christmas time, there are enough window wreath styles out there for every season and holiday. You can have just one wreath on your window or upgrade it with additional accessories like ribbons and lights. If you have a building structure with lots of windows, using wreaths in multiple windows can create a strong visual statement that makes your window looks attractive inside and out.

Window Garlands

As a practical, yet easy way to highlight your windows, window garlands are loved for their timeless and versatile look. Available in a plethora of styles that range from luxurious to rustic, window garlands can be conveniently customized to reflect the spirit of the season and give your window a personalized appeal. They can be styled to only highlight the top of the frame or make a full-round on all three sides. Garlands with a more bold design can even be looped right across the window for attention. To make sure that your garland will be seen in all hours, remember to interweave your it with a string of light for an illuminating feel.

Contact Paper for Windows

Do you want to give your glass area an extra touch of drama without paying a hefty price for it? Instead of ordering one of those expensive window glasses with textures, colors, or patterns, you can achieve the same results with contact paper. Contact paper is an affordable material with a decorative surface on one side and a highly adhesive material on the other side. The paper can stick to the target surface with minimal efforts for both protective and decorative purposes. With contact paper, you can create a set of popular or personal patterns to enhance the glass area of your window. The result is stunning and there are limitless patterns and shapes for you to mix-and-match.

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