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4 reasons residential metal roofing is worth it

May 31, 2023

4 reasons residential metal roofing is worth it

Metal roofing has been a staple of commercial building for ages. But these super-durable roofs have never really made the full transition to residential neighborhoods – until now. As more Americans recognize the huge benefits that metal roofing provides, contractors are busier than ever improving homes. Curious what your local metal roofing company has to offer you? Consider these four selling points.

1. It’s green
Eco-friendly is one of the biggest and most important trends of recent years, which is one of the major reasons that metal roofs have jumped in popularity for residential building. Simply put, metal roofs are green on both fronts. First, they’re energy efficient. The right metal roof can help your home reflect heat instead of absorbing it, drastically reducing your energy bill. As the federal Energy Star group noted, Americans already spend about $40 billion each year on air conditioning. That’s one-sixth of all the electricity generated in the nation. Doing your part to cut down on that number

is a great way to shrink your carbon footprint. And a tax credit of up to $500 isn’t too bad, either!

The second way in which metal roofing stays green is through sustainability. Metal Roof NJ prides itself on producing roofing materials made from at least 25 percent recycled content. But more importantly, unlike the immense amount of asphalt waste filling landfills throughout the world, when your metal roof kicks the bucket all those decades down the road, it’s 100 percent recyclable.

2. It looks better than ever
“Cool colors” don’t just have to refer to energy-saving metal roof hues. The variety of looks and patterns currently available to residential customers is greater than ever. While standing seam metal roofing continues to be a popular option, steel shingles and other innovative choices are also worth the investment. Especially if you have a historic home.

3. It’s adaptable to architecture
For a long time, metal roofing failed to fully catch on with homeowners because traditional standing seam didn’t blend as well as asphalt or old-fashioned shingles. Nowadays, whether you own a Victorian mansion or a contemporary bungalow, you’ll find that metal roofing has something to offer. Whatever your neighborhood or style of home, you can build your curb appeal and go green simultaneously.

Furthermore, metal roofing is versatile. Looking for a dome shape? Need an arc for your roof? Curved metal roofing is a stylish choice – and it can offer numerous geographical-related benefits as well.

4. It’s great in any kind of climate
Deal with snow? Get hurricane force winds? Worried about wildfires? No worries, since metal roofing is engineered to take all that on. Look into how curved metal roofing or particular roof slopes can help reduce the weight of snow on your roof. Rest easy if you get lots of heavy winds, as well. Metal roofing gets great ratings for impact resistance from the Underwriters Laboratory, the independent and not-for-profit product safety testing organization. It also boasts the highest wind rating among all roof types, and it’s non-combustible, making fire concerns a thing of the past.

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