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4 tips for effectively cleaning your Yankee gutters

May 31, 2023

4 tips for effectively cleaning your Yankee gutters

You may have invested in metal roofing and vinyl siding to make your home more efficient and valuable, but what about Yankee gutters? If you haven’t taken the time to install these items onto your structure, you could be causing water to run off onto your house more often than necessary. However, installing Yankee gutters is just the first part of the home maintenance process.

Like other items you add to the exterior of your home, gutters need a certain amount of care to ensure that they function properly over time. Fall is when people most commonly clean their gutters to remove foliage and other debris that can cause clogs in the winter. Here are some tips for keeping yours tidy and operational.

1. Have the right equipment on hand
FOX News stated that ideally, you should do a little planning

before you begin tackling your gutters – you don’t know how much has piled up over time. Get yourself a sturdy ladder, gloves and a bag to gather all of the debris that you find while you’re going through them.

2. Use a power washer
Once your remove the compost and foliage from your gutter, you may want to consider renting a power washer to get rid of any lingering dirt and clogs. Just remember to stand back and follow the instructions for the best results, according to DIY Network.

3. Inspect the gutters
Ideally, you should be looking for leaks or other breaks in the gutters during the cleaning process. If the pieces have deteriorated beyond repair, you may want to invest in new Yankee gutters before winter arrives and wreaks havoc on the exterior of your house.

4. Focus on the down spouts
Theses areas are where debris can easily pile up and create problems later down the line. Be sure to focus on your down spouts as you clean and look for any foliage that doesn’t appear to be coming off easily. Try to make sure the spouts are as clear as possible when the job is done to prevent clogs and leaks once winter rolls in.

By taking these key tips into consideration, you’ll be happier with your Yankee gutters and how much they do for your home.

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