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4 tips for planning a new kitchen design

May 31, 2023

4 tips for planning a new kitchen design

You might’ve updated the vinyl siding and metal roofing of your home to improve its exterior, but what about the interior of your humble abode? If you use your kitchen frequently, you know how important it is to have a functional, durable design that suits your household’s needs. Here are some tips for making the kitchen remodeling process a little easier along the way.

1. Know your needs
This means taking a step back and looking at the project as a whole

, according to TLC. What would you like to see improved upon in your kitchen? Could you use more counter space or room for new appliances? Knowing exactly what you need can help you craft a kitchen design that you’re happy with once all is said and done.

2. Position your sinks accordingly
If possible, try to position your sink between your refrigerator and your cooktop – two of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen. This can help you ensure that it’s never a hassle to keep your kitchen organized and clean. Just keep in mind that the location of your sinks may end up depending on where you have existing plumbing. You might need to bring in a professional who can help you re-route your plumbing to suit your new kitchen plan.

3. Keep walkways in mind
Better Homes and Gardens magazine stated that you’ll be happier if it isn’t a hassle to get from one end of the kitchen to another. Try to make walkways large throughout the design of your new kitchen for the utmost convenience.

4. Consider the kitchen’s use
How many people are cooking in the kitchen at once? Do your kids tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? This Old House stated that these are some questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you’re designing a kitchen. Knowing how to accommodate these lifestyle factors is essential to creating a worthwhile kitchen plan.

It’s also worth thinking realistically in terms of your appliances, shelves and cabinets as well. For example, high shelves are more likely to go to use in a home with small children who may not be able to reach what they need. Keep your loved ones in mind during the planning process!

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