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5 Easy Home Window Projects for the Fall

May 31, 2023

5 Easy Home Window Projects for the Fall

5 Easy Home Window Projects for the Fall

Your windows are a crucial design element in your home, and they play a big role in your home’s overall energy efficiency during autumn and winter. In fact, improperly insulated windows can lead to massive energy losses in your rooms, which means you’re paying more as you keep cranking up the heat to stay warm. Thankfully, there are a few great ways to easily insulate your windows for the fall, in addition to some fun projects to refresh the look and feel of your home before that winter chill sets in. Below, check out these 5 easy home window projects you can do quickly —and cheaply — this fall.

1) Get Your Paint On

The cool, dry weather in fall is perfect for helping paint dry quickly, so this is the best time to revamp those sills. Wood and fiberglass windows can be repainted easily. For wood, simply sand down the windowsills to remove the old color. Then, simply prime, paint, and seal. That last part is crucial — moisture can quickly damage your wooden windows and allow cold air and water to seep into your home. By applying a fresh coat of sealant in fall, you’ll help ensure your windows can endure the ice and cold. Fiberglass windows should be primed before painting, and while the material won’t warp or crack, it’s still a good idea to apply a sealant to repel any moisture and make sure the color stays true.

2) Caulk It Up

The heat of summer can easily warp and degrade caulking around your windows, which can cause huge energy transfers (and huge electric bills!) come winter. Each fall, it’s a good idea to remove the caulking from around the perimeter of each window and apply a fresh bead of sealant. You can also take this opportunity to clear away any dirt of debris that maybe have wiggled underneath the caulk to help ensure your seal is truly airtight.

3) Strip — Weather Strip, That Is

Any home improvement store is going to have a variety of weather stripping for your windows. Foam and rubber strips are the most common — they go in the sashes of double-hung windows and the stops of casement windows. Most weather stripping uses a simple adhesive to stay in place and easily peels off once spring rolls around again.

4) Accent It

There are a lot of decorative accents you can add to your window to help change up the look of your exterior. If you don’t already have shutters, consider adding them to the sides of your windows in a striking accent hue that compliments the color of your house. You can also add window boxes, which can hold fall flowers as well as winter decorations. For something even more dramatic, add a pediment to the top of your windows. These are architectural accents that sit at the top of the frame to create a structured and stately look to your home. The best part? All of these projects can be done in a weekend — or less!

5) Switch out curtains

We’ve focused a lot on the outside of your windows, but what about inside? You should consider swapping out your curtains in fall for thick fabric drapes with insulating panels. These heavy curtains don’t have to look dramatic and formal — they come in nearly every color, so choose a lighter hue or fun geometric pattern if you want a lighter vibe. Just remember to pull them closed at night to help keep cold air out, which may prevent you from cranking up the heat when you’re sleeping.

While it’s tempting to start hibernating in fall, take advantage of these remaining sunny, mild days by doing some DIY project that will help protect your home during winter’s wrath. Insulating your windows in a few different ways will help keep that energy bill low, and you can also get creative by painting the sills a fun color, or adding architectural accents to change the feel of your home.

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