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5 Easy Low Budget Home Remodeling Projects

May 31, 2023

5 Easy Low Budget Home Remodeling Projects

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Whether you are planning to put your home on the market or giving it a new look in time for the holiday season, it pays to make sure that you are maximizing your investment. While home remodeling projects can seem endlessly long and expensive, no one ever said that you need a fat budget to give your home a noticeable boost. Instead, homeowners who are interested in giving their home a refreshing and charming look can still get superb results with a very conservative spending plan. To find out how to maximize your home remodeling project this holiday season, check out the following 5 low budget home renovation ideas:

1) Upgrade Your Appliances

One easy way to give your kitchen a quick facelift is by upgrading your kitchen appliances. While the cost for appliance upgrade varies from the type to the amount of appliances you plan to switch out, switching to energy efficient Energy Star appliances will improve your kitchen’s appearance and slash back your monthly utility bills. For example, homeowners can save anywhere from $200 to $1,100 on a energy efficient refrigerator over its lifetime. An Energy Star dishwasher, on the other hand, is said to conserve up to 1300 gallons of water during its service life.

2) A little Paint Goes a Long Way

Remodeling your wall with new paints and wallpaper will transform the ambiance and mood of your living space. Get inspirations from your favorite cook shows, cooking magazines, and your best friend’s house to get stylish and fashionable. If you’re still unsure, start small and paint selective areas to get a feel of the result. Test your color choices and find how a color highlights your interior design under natural daylight and artificial lighting before painting on a mass scale.

3) What About a Cabinet or Two?

Installing new cabinets streamlines the design of your home, while giving it a uniform look. As a result, this affordable remodeling option not only increases the value of your home, but also helps you tidy up your living space. When picking a cabinetry style, browse around the web to see what’s trending. The Shaker-style cabinet door is the most popular and common door style in kitchens for its simple and clean look. Beadboard cabinets can give your kitchen a bright and clean feel, while inset and distressed are two styles with a more elegant and classical flair.

4) Increase the Ambiance of Your Window

Instead of paying a hefty cost to replace your existing windows, try some smart, innovative window treatment styles. Window awnings, for example, are popular for their curb appeal and energy-saving attraction. They can reduce interior heat gain by as much as 77%, while diminishing sunlight and glare through your windows by as much as 94%. Curtains and drapes instill a mood of luxury and royalty. Plantation shutters convey a generous charm and are excellent for redirect natural lighting into the very heart of your home.

5) Small Details: Doorknobs, handles, hinges, and more!

Sometimes, changing the small things around the house can alter your overall design. Your doorknobs, handles, pulls, and hinges can suffer wear and tear under frequent usage. Upgrading the hardware of your closet door, entry door, cabinetry door, and drawer will help you to not only match the color schemes of your new cabinets and walls, but also help you turn a seemingly bland part of your space into an attractive, eye-catching design element.

Tackle your home improvement project this holiday season to give your home a refreshing look when party time rolls around. Invest a little for big results. Which of the five home remodeling projects do you plan to tackle first?

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