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5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

May 31, 2023

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Even if there’s no immediate interest in selling, putting in the effort to raise a home’s value is often a rewarding experience as it usually means a more fresh, updated look around the house. It’s also a great reason to invest in different renovations and repairs.

Homeowners often wonder which areas of the home are the best to address during a renovation. Perhaps the most straightforward area to consider when boosting the value of a home is the kitchen. While it may seem like the options are endless here, with some very standard remodeling approaches, the value of a home can escalate substantially.

Installing New Cabinets and Drawers

Choosing to go with a new, uniform look for cabinets and drawers can often raise the value of a home. This tends to be the case often because over time, the buildup of grease, loose screws and general use wears heavily on the cabinets. By having new ones installed, the life of the kitchen’s aesthetics and functions extends. Choosing wood that can accent existing features of the house is a great option when browsing the different types available.

Updating the Appliances

Another great area of the kitchen to consider updating is the appliances. Depending on what’s currently in the kitchen, there may be different options available. Double-door refrigerators are usually a great investment, as are microwaves mounted above the stove. The stovetop and oven are another area worth considering—though this is where it can start to get more expensive. Given how vital the functions of a kitchen are to a home, the more effort put into updating the kitchen appliances, the greater the value of the home.

Remodeling the Walls

This is something best done in conjunction with updating the cabinets and drawers, especially if the walls have any older wallpaper. Choosing to go with a more current style, which these days tends to be brighter, vivid colors, can help make the kitchen feel more modern and will resemble trends seen in many popular cooking shows.

This is one of the areas that might extend to more than just the kitchen. It’s very often that after remodeling the walls, other areas of the house that need renovation stand out a bit more—especially rooms adjacent to the kitchen.

Getting New Floors Installed

Besides the cabinets, drawers and walls, it may be wise to renovate the floors to accent the overall look of the kitchen. Consider the type of wood used in the cabinets and the color scheme of the walls. These can work together to give a fresh, new feeling to the kitchen. All of these sustain the overall life of the kitchen and will, in effect, raise the value of the home.

Checking and Possibly Replacing the Plumbing

Hiring a plumber to make sure all the plumbing is up to date is never a bad idea; it’s probably something that will have to happen anyway if you want to replace the sink. Having new plumbing installed shouldn’t be done unless it’s necessary, but it never hurts to have it checked. Even a minor improvement to the pipes can boost a home’s value.

The kitchen is probably one of the more direct places to look when trying to find ways to raise the value of a home. Given the variety of parts that make up the room, there’s no end to the renovation opportunities in the kitchen.

Homeowners also tend to find kitchen remodeling very rewarding, even if they’re not interested in selling. What amounts to essentially getting a brand-new kitchen can be just the change needed to keep up with modern styles while having a great place to cook.

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