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5 Things to Make Wood Windows More Appealing to Your Home

May 31, 2023

5 Things to Make Wood Windows More Appealing to Your Home

5 Things to Make Wood Windows More Appealing to Your Home

Wood windows are a timeless window choice for their organic touch and sophisticated texture. With the right window treatment, your wood windows can be transformed into a stunning focal point for any room around the house. Here are a few ideas to stage your wood windows!

1) Bedazzled Curtain that Illuminates the Room

Who says that window dressings need to be made of fabric? While conventional window coverings can upgrade the look of your window, unique window treatments like a curtain of sparkling beads is sure to captivate the eye. As rightly observes, “This simple but dazzling design has just the right extra something to finish bare windows where privacy isn’t needed.”

2) Add Personality to Your Curtain Rod

No one says that your window rod needs to be made of metal. In fact, you are welcome to find something antique from creative home improvement stores or make a curtain rod right at home. From a beautiful branch you picked up from your latest hiking trip to a hockey stick from your favorite team, making your own curtain rod is a great way to show off your design skills, while making a bold personal statement.

3) Embellished Finials to Create a Palace Look

If “simple” and “clean” are two adjectives you use for design, then using neutral-colored window covering is the best way to maintain a streamlined look. However, even a clean design can use some embellishment to enhance its mood. And nothing does the job better than a pair of hand-picked curtain finials. According to Drapery Room Ideas, finials come in a variety of materials and styles to evoke just the perfect feel you like. Some are adorned with sparkling jewels, while others have patterns carved right on its surface. Regardless what you choose, your finial will not only increase the flair of your gorgeous wood window, but also give your overall design a new spark.

4) Think outside the Box with Ombre Curtains

Curtain styles have greatly evolved over the last few decades. But when people think of curtain colors, white is usually the default choice. Ombre curtains take “white curtains” to the next level with a dash of color that is leisurely splashes right on the fabric. By controlling the shade of dye from dark to bright, the fading color on ombre curtain is destined to attract a long second look that simply says “Wow.”

5) Wall/Window Decals to Make Your Window Pop

Wall decals have become an easy alternative to add colors to a bland white wall. Wall decals are creative and fun. Most of them are removable and don’t leave adhesive residue. Perfect for homeowners who chose a simple blind or shutter to decorate their wood window, wall decals can be used to further enrich the frame by creating patterns on one or all sides of the window. For those of you with a standalone window that does not need any covering, you can consider putting some window decals right on your glass for extra flair.

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