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5 tips to make your shower unique

May 31, 2023

5 tips to make your shower unique

Showers can be overlooked as design opportunities for homeowners. After all, it offers little space for one’s creative imagination to run. However, you’ll want to reach out to bathroom contractors after you consider these five tips that can make your shower truly stand out.

1. Make it leisurely
While people are often in a rush when they shower, that’s not always the case. As such, you can undermine this popular belief by having a bench built into your shower. This is especially great for homeowners whose houses don’t have bathtubs. Featuring a seating area will make your shower cozier and encourage relaxation.

2. Have fun
Waterfall shower heads have been trendy fixtures that make showers unique. Depending on your plan, these can be small adjustments that have big effects. It’s a fun change from the usual shower head and will increase your bathroom’s elegance and fun factor at the same time. However, if you’d like the water to pour out from the center of the space, it will be a bigger project, but well worth the investment.

3. Get in easily
One of the benefits of having a shower rather than a tub is the lower entry level. This can be great for kids and older adults, who may have trouble maneuvering their legs over a bathtub wall. You can provide the easiest entrance, however, by having the shower floor at the same level as the rest of the bathroom. It’s a more complicated project because you don’t want water all over the bathroom, but can be a good way to make the lives of household members easier and a great change that will make your bathroom stand out.

4. Show off some color
Many residential showers come equipped with a glass door. If your home only has a shower, think about getting rid of the glass and using curtains instead. This way, you can introduce more color into the bathroom and still be able to keep water within the shower itself.

5. Boast a cool entryway
It’s easy to focus on projects that are at eye-level. So why not have a renovation project high up? Talk to bathroom contractors about the possibility of having an arched entryway. It’s a great way to make your shower unique and draw attention to the entire room. As such, remember to decorate the rest of room’s walls.

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