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5 Ways You Can Liven Up the Windows Throughout your Home

May 31, 2023

5 Ways You Can Liven Up the Windows Throughout your Home

5 Ways You Can Liven Up the Windows Throughout your Home

Your house looks shabby, but you’re not totally sure what’s off. The landscaping is neat and trim, and the siding was power-washed. Maybe it’s…the windows? Definitely. Upgrading the look and feel of your windows can make a huge difference to the overall look of your house. Below, we’ve listed a few simple changes you can make in a snap to give your home that facelift it’s been needing for ages.

1) Upgrade The Hardware

Changing the shape and finish of your window’s hardware can be an instant way to shake things up. With a huge range of options available, from brushed nickel, to shiny copper, or rubbed bronze, picking a new hue will give your windows a little pop and totally change the overall feel of the room. If you’ve stuck with more classic styles, why not try going for a more contemporary look, or vice-versa? Don’t forget about the finials on your curtain rods, and any curtain tie-backs you may have — these are both fun little accents you can play around with to add more drama or levity to your room.

2) Get Colorful

A great weekend project is sanding down your windows and giving them a fresh coat of paint, both on the inside and the outside. Try picking a contrasting accent color that will pop against your siding and the same for the interiors. By picking a color complimentary to your walls, you’ll add more visual interest to your room and better frame the outdoor views. If you have wooden windows, this is a good time to reseal them, too. With winter coming, you’ll want to make sure that your windows are protected from ice and moisture, which can cause cracks and seal failures if not properly tended to.

3) Trim It Out and Shut it Out

Revamping molding around your windows is another easy weekend DIY. To turn up the drama, choose an intricate crown molding to create a showstopping frame around your windows. Or, go simple and rustic by outfitting your window with simple reclaimed wood moldings, maybe stained in a rich, deep brown, or just sealed to preserve the wood’s natural hue. On the outside, try adding shutters in a contrasting color if you don’t already have them, or consider repainting if you do. Shutters are another great accent that can help frame your windows and create a distinct look for your home.

4) Get Treatment!

Window treatments, that is. Curtains are available in pretty much every fabric, color, pattern, and print imaginable, so you can really go wild! If you’re worried your room is looking too heavy, try white or light-colored sheers to let in more sunshine and create an airier feel. On the other hand, you can increase the drama by going for full-length fabric curtains in rich, sumptuous materials like velvet and thick cotton. Heavy drapes are also great to have in the winter, as they help insulate the windows and keep your rooms toasty and warm.

5) Add Accessories

You may think window boxes are only for spring and summer planting, but they’re actually great to use all year long. For example, you can plant small evergreen plants in them in the winter, and decorate them for the holidays. Or, fill them with holiday decorations. You can also try adding swags to your window treatments, which you’ll be able to see from outside — a classic decorative touch that always add drama to every room. Finally, you can easily install decorative pediments on top of your windows to give your home a striking, architectural feel.

Upgrading the look and feel of your windows is an easy way to give your home a facelift without investing too much time or money. From a fresh coat of paint to decorative ornamentation, you may be surprised with how dramatically you can change the feel of your home just by switching up the way your windows look.

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