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5 benefits of metal roofing for a residential home

May 31, 2023

5 benefits of metal roofing for a residential home

Curious why metal roofing is sweeping residential neighborhoods? From new houses to renovations, metal roofing is becoming the go-to choice for homeowners around the U.S. Not only are the benefits numerous, they’re long-lasting. With the right metal roofing company, you can turn your house into a more energy efficient and structurally durable home – just consider these five major benefits.

1. Decades of value
Because metal roofing is so resilient to decay, discoloration or mildew, it tends to have low maintenance and great longevity. It holds up against the elements despite geographical location and season, which means it has diverse potential across a number of neighborhoods and regions.

2. Versatile design
Any home feature with that much range also needs to have the aesthetic versatility to fit with a variety of home designs and neighborhoods. Luckily, your metal roof contractor is sure to have tons of colors for you to choose from – each of them capable of standing up to the worst the weather will throw at them.

3. Superior climate and weather performance
The climate’s sure to throw plenty of intense weather at your roof. No matter where you live, from the Nor’easters of New England to the dust and ultraviolet intensity of the southwestern desert, your new metal roof is prepared. When hurricane season comes around, you can also rest easy knowing your roof has great impact resistance. Homeowners living in northern territory may also want to invest in snow guards and rails for their metal roofing, as this can prevent ice damming at the roof’s edge and drastically reduce the risk of gutter damage.

4. Fire resistance
Mother Nature isn’t the only thing your new metal roof can offer you protection against. A major selling point for metal roofing – especially in the residential market – is that it’s completely non-combustible.

5. Major energy-efficiency savings
In both commercial and residential sectors, metal roofing’s superior energy efficiency tends to be the biggest draw for homeowners. Anyone hoping to shrink his or her carbon footprint and go green should consider what metal roofing offers.

While a typical dark asphalt roof will absorb the sun’s heat into the home, metal roofing provides a reflective surface that keeps the interior of the building cool and comfortable. In fact, the right metal roofing can lower surface temperature atop your home by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. All this means that you’re using your air conditioning far less, reducing your reliance on electricity and potentially shrinking your home’s energy bill drastically.

Furthermore, metal roofing not only reduces energy use, but it is also made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when replaced decades down the line. To learn more, look into the numerous eco-friendly benefits and features your metal roofing company offers.

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