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5 essential elements for any bathroom

May 31, 2023

5 essential elements for any bathroom

Are you in the middle of a major bathroom remodeling project? When designing a bathroom, it’s easy to take two wrong turns: The first danger is being too by-the-numbers with a bathroom that fades into the background, becoming more of a utility space in your house than a room you’re proud of. The second risk you run is going over the top with your design – too bold, too bright and too intense – which leaves you with a bathroom that no one can stand to be in for long.

Rather than sway too far to one side or the other, consider these five essentials. They’ll guide you to the perfect bathroom, perfectly equipped with plenty of character that avoids being obnoxious. The best place to start? The bathtub.

1. A durable bathtub
If you’re remodeling, one of the first renovations you’re likely to make is nixing the old tub in favor of something newer, classier and easy to care for. Acrylic bathtubs are exactly what you’re looking for. An acrylic tub is constructed from – not surprisingly – acrylic, which is then given a fiberglass coating to reinforce it. There are a number of benefits this class of tubs carries – including being super lightweight – but one of the major ones is sheer durability. Acrylic tubs are highly resistant against chips, scratches and stains – and any damage a tub does incur can be easily patched up, thanks to the nature of the material. But you can expect your acrylic tub to have a long lifetime, making it one part of your bathroom remodeling you won’t need to worry about any time soon.

2. Light
Bathrooms – often by necessity – usually lack proper natural lighting. When bathrooms do have windows, they’re often small or located in awkward spots. When you’re remodeling your bathroom, do your best to shed some natural light on the space. Install more windows – even if they’re high up and close to the ceiling. You can also consider installing full spectrum lighting fixtures and bulbs, which mimic sunlight and offer a lot of the same benefits, vitamin D and all!

3. Easy-to-clean fixtures
You want your bathroom to be clean, but you also don’t want to spend the majority of a weekend afternoon scrubbing at surfaces that seem prone to stains, grout or mildew. Just like acrylic bathtubs, bathroom fixtures that require less maintenance will make your life easier down the line.

4. Storage
There’s always more things you need to store in the bathroom than you think. From extra toilet paper to hair dryers, shampoo, hand soap, towels, makeup, razors, moisturizer, squeegees for shower doors and tile, plus any of the other myriad items you need on a daily basis. Make sure you account for storage space as you’re designing your remodeled bathroom. Vanity cabinets, built in shelving and linen closets are great spots.

5. Theme
Bathrooms don’t need major themes, but to develop a little character it’s worth settling on a motif or trendy color combination. Love cats? Purchase prints and cat-related items to keep in your bathroom. Into the color pink? Bring this vibrant hue into your bath without going overboard – just trust Houzz’s style suggestions


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