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5 home architectural styles and the perfect metal roof to match

May 31, 2023

5 home architectural styles and the perfect metal roof to match

Metal roofing has numerous benefits for homeowners. For instance, there’s the great savings on air conditioning bills or the Energy Star tax credit that some standing seam roofs can qualify for. Not to mention the fact that metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable – and made from up to 30 percent recycled content. Metal Roof NJ

has more perks and benefits, from curb appeal to ease of maintenance and sheer longevity. But perhaps the biggest advantage of metal roofing is that so many great benefits come in a variety of packages. From tile to shingles or shimmering copper, you’ve got your pick of roofs for any architectural style. Just consider these five perfect pairings.

1. Colonial
For the longest time in New England, Colonials were the only kind of house you’d run into in most suburban neighborhoods. While that’s not as true today, Colonial homes are still popular up and down the East Coast, thanks to clean symmetry, quaint brick chimneys and other pleasant features. In keeping with tradition, homeowners will want to set up their Colonial homes with stone-coated or Kynar metal shingles.

2. Craftsman
Homes in the Craftsman style can be seen throughout the U.S. They tend to look cozy, with a bit of a cabin-like atmosphere. This is partially due to their being constructed from all natural materials, like hardwood and stone. DIY Network pointed out that these typically feature front porches, so homeowners want a natural-looking roof to complement both the porch and the rest of the home. Metal shingles coated in stone or metal tiles are good options, but there’s something to be said for contrast and standing seam can provide that.

3. Modern
In architecture, Modern can be a misleading name. Most of these homes are at least half a century old, according to DIY Network. Like today’s Contemporary homes, modern homes have a lot of clean lines, are constructed from man-made materials and place an emphasis on function over form. You can bet that the efficiency of a standing seam roof is right in line with these architectural ideals.

4. Contemporary
A primer on the differences between Modern and Contemporary design could take forever, but the quickest comparison is that Contemporary homes tend to have a lot more glass. Big, giant windows and other smooth surfaces are best complemented by standing seam metal roofing, but if you’re feeling ambitious there’s always the copper options as well!

5. Tudor
Tudor’s one of the more popular architectural styles in America, especially for homes. Combining elements of old and new, these houses flourished in the suburbs for decades during the early 20th century. Constructed of brick and wood with some occasional stucco touches, these homes take their influence from England. They have steeply pitched roofs that handle snow well and work with either standing seam metal roofing or metal tiles, depending on how traditional you want your home to look.

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