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5 more perfect architectural and metal roofing matchups for homeowners

May 31, 2023

5 more perfect architectural and metal roofing matchups for homeowners

Some things just go really well together. Consider iced tea and lemonade or peanut butter and jelly, for instance! Metal roofing on the other hand goes with everything, thanks to its versatile looks and dynamic style. Want metal roofing that could pass for Spanish clay tiles? Prefer something more like traditional shingles? Or maybe you’d like to go all-out with standing seam metal roofing? Consider how these five architectural styles mash and mesh with metal roofing.

1. Cape Cod
DIY Network noted that Cape Cods were initially inspired by the thatched cottages of England, but they may more accurately be described as pint-sized Colonials. Steep roofs keep off snow and chimneys help ward off cold. Since cedar shingles are the traditional roofing material, definitely go with either stone- or Kynar-coated metal shingles.

2. Southern Greek Revival
In keeping with regional style, Southern Greek Revival homes are found spread out along the South. They’re often historical homes with columns, Grecian pediments and lots of moldings, according to DIY Network. Whether your Greek Revival home is a century and a half old or a recently built home, you may find metal shingles the traditional choice. However, if you’re tired of the hot, Southern sun sapping all your energy and making you run the A/C all day, the improved energy efficiency benefits of standing seam metal roofing may be a wiser choice.

3. Ranch
Short, simple and economical with space, the Ranch home is a mix between Colonial exteriors and more modern interiors. While you can expect window symmetry and brick chimneys on the outside, the interiors of Ranch homes do away with boxy Colonial rooms and open things up. Feel free to go with something traditional looking on the roof, like metal shingles, but if you really want to show off that low roof and keep your single floor cool, standing seam may be the better option.

4. Spanish
Spanish-style homes, like the similar Mediterranean design, tend to be found in warmer climates, like Southern California and Florida. These combine the look of Pueblo dwellings within the Mediterranean, alongside some Mission revival, which recalls the Spanish churches found up and down California. Usually, the key to Spanish homes are their clay roofs. Luckily, there’s a more efficient metal replacement. Metal tiles look like the classic and come in four different colors, from ash hues to traditional clay.

5. Art deco
This is also a design you’re likely to find in warmer climates. Art deco can be seen in plenty of city buildings, but when it comes to homes you’re likely to find this influence in and around Southern California, as it’s emblematic of early 20th century Hollywood. These will feature stucco walls, not unlike Spanish villas, usually with plenty of bright colors. Unlike Spanish architecture, these stucco buildings may benefit most from equally bright roofs, so a standing seam option in a dynamic color is a good choice.

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