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5 reasons metal roofing is the right choice for your vacation home

May 31, 2023

5 reasons metal roofing is the right choice for your vacation home

Metal roofing is growing in popularity among homeowners. The energy efficiency it offers is matched by good looks and legendary durability. But there’s no reason that quality standing seam metal roofing should be limited to year-round homes alone. Those families with vacation homes they want to keep in top shape should look to metal roofing, as well.

Curious what a metal roof has to offer your home away from home? These five reasons can fill you in on all the benefits.

1. It takes care of sun
Do you head up to your mountain cabin or lakeside vacation home during the summer? Ward off the heat and reduce your air conditioning bill and energy consumption with a metal roof. Most metal roofing can even win you a tax credit from the government via the Energy Star program, thanks to its sustainable benefits. Simply put, unlike asphalt roofing which absorbs heat, metal roofing reflects the sun’s rays. Some colors offer greater reflective protection than others.

2. It stands up to snow
Perhaps you like to use your vacation home during the holiday season when the temperature drops and the forecast is calling for snow. Have no worries – you’ll be snug and safe under a metal roof. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, this home feature remains popular in northern climates throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s easy to sweep snow and ice off a pitched metal roof, and standing seam metal roofing can stand up to the worst of winter weather woes.

3. It’s low maintenance, like a vacation
You may not be up at your vacation home a whole lot, and so your regular maintenance is done pretty sparingly. Luckily, with a metal roof you won’t need to worry about making extra trips out to fix up missing shingles or tiling. Metal roofing is famously durable and doesn’t fade easily, so you can concentrate on everything else that needs taking care of before kicking back and enjoying yourself.

4. It looks great
Metal roofing offers vibrant colors, innovative design and a style that matches a vintage farmhouse just as well as mid-century modern or urban contemporary styles. Needless to say, the curb appeal of your vacation home is going to get a major boost thanks to metal roofing.

5. It will last a long, long time
Your home away from home is probably also one of your favorite places on earth. Maybe it’s already been in the family for several generations, or perhaps you’re hoping to hand it on down to your kids and your grandchildren. Whatever the plan, you want this vacation home to last a long time. And with a metal roof, you can ensure that kind of longevity. Metal roofing is expected to last well over the 35 years that Metal Roof NJ

guarantees anti-fading on colors alone. You can expect your new roof to grow old with you.

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