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6 Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Windows

May 31, 2023

6 Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Windows

6 Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Window

You’re in the middle of a major home improvement project. As you look over the newly painted rooms, the charming cabinets and the attractive hardware, your eyes unconsciously turn to the windows. They look tired and ready for retirement. Something needs to be done about those old windows to match the designs you have so thoughtfully put together.

If it’s been at least a decade since you upgraded your windows, the chances are that they are a bit worn and out of fashion. Maybe, the windows you once appreciated passionately have grown too familiar. You need a change and are on the hunt for new windows. However with a plethora of window styles, where should you start? Use this easy checklist and handpick the perfect window or windows for your home.

1) Cost and Budget

Windows are made up of a variety of materials such as aluminum, vinyl, wood and fiberglass. Generally, wood is considered the most expensive material, while vinyl is popular for its affordability. Whatever window material you choose, it’s always wise to do some research and plan your budget.

2) Best Window Materials to Choose

Different materials evoke different styles. Wood windows offer endless customization options and are a natural classical beauty. Fiberglass windows are loved for their longevity, durability and unfading beauty. In the end, materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. No matter what you end up with, it’s important to keep energy efficiency in mind and invest in windows that will reduce your energy expenditure.

3) Style and Design

The market offers a wide range of window styles to meet your unique personality. Some timeless favorites include, awning, double hung, casement and bay. Awning windows provide an expanded view of the world, while double hung windows offer excellent natural lighting and colors by increasing the glass space on your wall. If you want to create an open feeling in your indoor space, bay and bow windows are definitely your friends for their elegant arc and generous extension.

4) Color and Complimenting Your Home

Painting your window is a matter of taste and preference, not a matter of right and wrong. Dark colors usually communicates an air of formality, complexity and charm. Light colors invigorate the space with energy, vividness and a touch of ambiance. If you need some inspiration, take color cues from existing designs, tour the neighborhood, or surf the web for trending colors.

5) Glass Options and Energy Efficiency

Windows are common leakage points of air, resulting in another leakage: money from your wallet. Instead of using a single pane window, consider double pane for better thermal conductivity and control. Coat your windows also with Low -Emissivity (Low-E) coating to reduce heat transfer, protect furniture from UV-related damages and keep your energy expenditure in check.

6) DIY or Contractor?

Once you finished planning for your window design, it’s time to decide whether window installation/replacement is something you could tackle on your own. Because proper window installation helps your windows to maintain their beauty and utility for years to come, hiring a local, professional contractor will secure a successful installation experience.

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