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9 Steps to Winter-Proof Your Home with a Metal Roof

May 31, 2023

9 Steps to Winter-Proof Your Home with a Metal Roof

9 Steps to Winter-Proof Your Home with a Metal Roof
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Burst pipes, ice dams, slick stairs, and wind—Mother Nature dishes out her worst weather in the winter months. Fortunately, those who live in colder climates can keep their home safe from the winter blues by incorporating a few design tips.

From the roof gables to the chimney, there are several considerations that can keep your house safe when the temperature plummets. Here are nine steps for winter-proofing your home:

1. Complex gables and roof designs can cause problems. If you are redesigning your roof, consider a simple gable. This will prevent ice, pine needles, and snow from accumulating within nooks and crannies. This buildup can cause significant damage, but a roof with a simple gable will be sturdy and strong, and it’s great for shedding snow.

2. Fix roof openings immediately. Also, be precautious when installing skylights, gables, and chimneys. For every hole that you open in the roof, there’s another spot for a potential leak, which can allow ice to accumulate. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these roof modifications are bad ideas, but make sure you understand the consequences before you begin construction.

3. Place your chimney by the ridge of the roof. This is the highest point, so snow and water will flow down and away from these structures. Snow and ice are far less likely to form at higher points, which reduces the chance of developing a leak.

4. Install a durable, metal roof. Besides reducing power bills and being better for the environment, metal roofs are incredibly strong and long-lasting. They rarely leak, and they easily shed snow.

5. Designate a spot where the roof will shed the snow. Snow sheds from metal roofs quickly, which can cause issues if massive piles form around your house. There should be enough space below the roof to hold this snow, and for safety, snow piles should not block walkways. Roof design is perhaps the most vital consideration when it comes to winter-proofing your home. If you live in areas with high wind, low temperatures or consistent precipitation, an investment in a metal roof is far less risky than choosing a cheap alternative, like asphalt.

As the homeowner, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits by installing a metal roof:

  • Increased home value
  • Stronger home infrastructure
  • Environmentally conscious home-design
  • Lower power bills

This all adds up to long-term savings, not to mention the aesthetic advantages of a sleek roof design. But if you already have a metal roof, here are a few more tips for making your home winter-ready:

6. Incorporate a heating system below outdoor walkways. You’ll spend less money and time shoveling snow, and your property will become much safer. It might not be cheap, but you won’t be paying a third-party to shovel snow several times each year.

7. Designate walking paths that are easy to shovel. Gravel walkways might look attractive, but they’re almost impossible to shovel. For rarely used pathways, that’s ok; but make sure you can shovel your main walking path conveniently.

8. Install stairway railings. Stairs can be very dangerous with a layer of snow and ice.

9. Set up a cover over every entrance. This shields doorways from rain and snow buildup, making them safer and more comfortable for visitors.

Some of these changes might not be cheap, but in the long-run, your home will be stronger, safer and far more comfortable. Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, it’s always a smart idea to keep your most valuable investment—your house—safe from harsh weather.

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