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A walking tour under a metal roof home

May 31, 2023

A walking tour under a metal roof home

Metal roofing offers homeowners many well-publicized benefits. While once this roofing material was relegated to commercial structures, it has become a popular residential option, thanks to a variety of green, energy-saving benefits and luxuriously low maintenance partnered with extreme durability.

Curious what a metal roofing company could offer your home? Take a look at the benefits of a classic standing seam metal roof. Not only does it come in a versatile number of colors, perfect for blending in or standing out in any neighborhood, but this roof is Energy Star rated and qualifies homeowners for a tax credit of up to $500. But the energy efficiency extends beyond there.

Standing seam roofs reflect sunlight, keeping your home cool during the hottest weather and significantly lowering energy costs. Furthermore, metal roofs are wind resistance and offer excellent safety for any home, from new residences to historic houses. They’re non-combustible, resist impact and can stand up against the wind speeds of a category 3 hurricane. Perhaps best of all, standing seam metal roofing is made of 20 to 30 percent recycled materials, and at the end of your roof’s exceptionally long lifespan – more than two times the average life of asphalt roofs – it’s fully recyclable itself. Comparatively, asphalt roofing is responsible for 1.3 billion pounds of shingles dumped in landfills annually, which makes the green choice a clear one.

Metal roofing in action asked custom home builder Erin Wright for a tour of her own Texas home. Wright was particularly excited to show off how the extra-large metal roof canopy offers the house an extended living space

that includes an outdoor bar, kitchen, billiards table and fire pit.

According to the news source, the metal roof creates a wrap-around porch for the home and adds approximately 2,643 square feet of space. Understandably, heat reflecting metal is a great investment in the Texas sun.

The roof isn’t the only metal surface. Wright has the material throughout her home, including in the kitchen where the bar top and sinks are copper, and the ceiling, which is reclaimed barn tin. The overall look of the home is a blend of rustic and modern.

Wright’s metal roof is only one example of how residential metal roofing can be used to your home’s architectural advantage. Houzz features a variety of other metal roofing homes, from a 1940s cottage to a new Colorado home or Vermont lake cabin. Each one is more proof that the roofing revolution is leaning toward metal, not just for the green benefits, but for the good looks as well.

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